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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  March 24, 2018 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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♪ [national anthem] ♪ >> president trump signed a huge budget bill to keep the government funded. >> i will never sign another bill like this again. >> this remains, as it has always been, establishment vs. outsider, ruling class versus trump and his voters. >> andrew mccabe has published a stunning editorial in the "the washington post." not in my worst nightmares did i dream that my fbi career would end this way. >> upwards of half a million people are expected to descend on washington, d.c. for the march for our lives. including survivors of the horrific shooting at majorry may douglas high school. >> i don't want to get down in the more pit with this guy.
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♪ ♪ do you know what hits me most ♪ you don't even know that you are ♪ you are ♪ you are ♪ the star of the show. pete: you know whose back. you know who is back because we just showed it to you. ed: where have you been? abby: i missed you guys. i hope you are ready, they are going to play my favorite songs throughout the show. and purposefully thought of songs you hated and i love. ed: you remember which ones we hate. abby: good to be back. ed: good to have you back. pete: now it feels like the weekend again. ed: yeah. pete: how are you doing? abby: feeling good. this morning was hard to walk by the nursery. i wanted to grab her and tell her goodbye. i let her sleep. i have a baby. i lost a grand pa over that time i feel like i have a whole new amyrtle beachation for life and to do what we love i feel very lucky for
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that. pete: walk by the crib stay asleep. an be a you were asking about the alarm clock this morning. not as bad as i thought because you don't sleep with a baby. you really don't. ed: got a little more sleep than usual. abby: longer stretch. pete: i know you have been following the news. guess what? no collusion. abby: has he changed at all. ed: hasn't changed a bit. only thing that's changed is you are on my left. ed: she is in macup and come in and talked about how i just recently got a hair cut. what did you do to her hair. turns around and hasn't seen me in a few months you are grayer: welcome back. pete: with me and with everybody. ed: we have a lot of fun with pete. abby: we have too much fun. i'm thrilled the news never stopped while i was away. it's still going on and a lot happened yesterday. including the passing of this omnibus bill. the president signing it not wanting to sign that bill. making that very clear, pete. pete: yeah. so he held. we didn't know what was
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going to happen. at one point the president tweeted early in the morning i might veto this bill because it doesn't include the daca deal and my wall. ultimately he tweets out later on we're going to have a press conference at 1:00 p.m. everyone not sure. will he sign it or will he not sign it? ultimately the president decided to sign the omnibus bill. he didn't look like he wanted to. ed: he made it very clear and said flat out this is the last time i'm dealing with a swamp budget like this. watch. >> a matter of national security i signed this omnibus budget bill there are a lot of things i'm unhappy about in this bill. there are a lot of things we shouldn't have had in this bill but we were, in a sense, forced if we want to build our military, we were forced to have. there are some things that we should have in the bill. but, i say to congress, i will never sign another bill like this again. i'm not going to do it again. ed: he hurst be tired of all the winning by chuck and
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nancy. [laughter] pete: unfair. the swamp delivered him a temperaturturd bill. the g.o.p. gave him a terrible deal. ed: how did he put them on notice, he signed it. pete: put him in impossible place. this is a president who loves the military so much that he is saying i will make all these sacrifices to fund this depleted military because of what obama did for 8 years. i'm going to hold my no, nose. i'm going to sign this bill and refund our military which has been disseminated. there was no much delivered to him that he didn't want to sign. i think his voter are saying man, i kind of wish you would have vetoed it but i get why you didn't because ultimately you may not have had a chance to fund the military as sufficiently as you did. abby: he better follow through on that promise now. now he is on the record saying i'm not going to let this happen again. the problem with this bill and you heard it from a number of the lawmakers is over 2,000 pages long.
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you need cliff notes to read it. you have to sign it within 24 hours. i can understand the frustration from the president because i don't like a lot of what is in this bill and a lot of his space unhappy about that. the big part of that is the spending. ed: you are right. 2200 pages and basically after it was released it was voted on within 17 hours. this is what the democrats did when they ran congress. we haired all of the republicans, mitch mcconnell and paul ryan and others when we run the congress it's going to be different. they jammed it through. pete: back room deal cut at the last minute in the senate. a lot of things carved out and carved in and forced to vote on it without reading it. ed: the domestic spending is out of control. abby: $21 trillion in debt. this is embarrassing. ed: and growing. abby: someone else outraged about this is rush limbaugh. calls out what he calls budget anti-trump and
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anti-trump voters. here is what he said. >> it was patently obvious to me that this budget is designed to separate trump voters from trump. this budget is designed to make trump voters to think that trump's presidency is irrelevant. this budget is designed to make trump voters conclude, you know what? there isn't going to be a wall and there isn't going to be anything serious on immigration and so interesting trump be president is meaningless. this remains what it has always been establishment vs. outsider. ruling class vs. trump and his voters. pete: i'm going to quote you, ed, this is a swamp budget a swamp budget mental to besiege this president. maybe the veto would be the fight back. i think he is saying fund the military, we'll give you six months. if you do it again in september, which is before the november elections, then i will draw a line in the sand. and he talked a lot about daca. i think for democrats, it's clear that they hate the wall more than they love the
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dreamers. they do. they're like we will not give you an inch. they give him a little bit like fencing. not the whole wall. abby: the fact acknowledged sort of a big deal from the democrats. acknowledged getting money for the wall. pete: little bit. abby: even if it is. a white picket fence. ed: founding sanctuary cities and planned parenthood, all the things have you been railing against,. pete: pete you can't defend most aspects of this budget. can you defend the fact we're going to have more planes, more tanks and more ships and fund the troops and get the biggest increase they have had in 10 years. i know this commander-in-chief cares about that he cares about our troops. that has to matter. he has given up a lot to get it. ed: big opportunity is this funding now, this bill runs out around september. that's right around the midterm. if the president wants to deliver on the promise he made yesterday. cadrastically change the negotiations or veto it send another swamp budget veto it right before the mid terms. if you he did that that would be a major. pete: let us know on
3:08 am did he make the right call? ed: banning transgender from the military. pete: however will make certain exceptions. be a gillian what are you hearing? >> last night after 10:00 p.m. the administration laid out the policy that lace out policy for transgender in service. the new policy is the result of secretary of defense james mattis inel panelin mat ee costs transgender americans. transgender persons with a history or diagnosis of gender dysphoria, individuals hot policies state may require substantial medical treatment, including medications and surgery, are
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disqualified from military service. except under certain limit you had circumstances. as can you imagine civil rights groupings have already weigh new with their opposition to the policy and this vowed to fight it in court. this is also president trump's second attempt to institute such a policy. his first floundered last august when he ordered general mattis to reverse obama administration policy allowed transgender service but gave the secretary of defense only one day's notice. the white house is now hoping and planning that this new policy will stick guys? ed: gillian turner live in washington. pete: this is what the president ran on, said this policy should be in place, ultimately, listen, if you want to fight for your country, you should. if you want your country to pay for a man to become a woman or woman to become a man. maybe there is a different place for that having been in combat you want the least amount of variables possible. it's not to disparage anyone to do what they want to do, it doesn't obligate the
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government to do it for you or accept that that is something that we have to bring in. i'm saying it's a common sense policy. abby: hearing a lot of opinions from people who haven't served in the opinion. get that opinion out from somebody who has been on the front lines, general mattis is not coming from political agenda at all. evidence has one of the most distinguished career crews when it comes to serving this country. he had a panel put together. more will come out. i do have other headlines i want to bring you this morning. starting with an officer who was shot several times by extremist gunman during a supermarket siege. he died overnight. lieutenant colonel hailed a hero for swapping himself in exchange for a hostage inside a southern france grocery store. isis claiming responsibility for an attack that killed four people and wounding 15 others. they killed the 6-year-old from morocco after he held several hostage for hours.
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interview ago woman closely linked to that gunman. key will keep an eye on that one. demonstrators in sacramento show nothing signs of slowing down protesting the death of unarmed black man. nearly 200 people confronting police officers and blocking drivers in traffic. some even becoming violent by breaking the window of a car. the chaos sparking by the release of this body cam footage showing the deadly shooting. those officers thought 22-year-old stephon clark was armed. he was actually carrying a cell phone. also a his celebrities throwing their support nationwide rally protesting gun violence. big names like miley cyrus, demdemi. meanwhile president trump taking steps to ban bump stocks. the president announcing the justin department will issue the ruling vowing to ban all devices that turn legal weapons into machine guns. and it is march madness, of
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course. it's kicking into high gear as the elite 8 is now set. look at this lob. oh, boy. abby: two seed duke holding off syracuse. won over west virginia. and three seed texas tech beating number 2 purdue 78-55. over the weekend. pete: kentucky in it. ed: kentucky had a rough game thursday night. missed a lot of free throws. i was disappointed. abby: who is your team? pete: every underdog anywhere. i played for princeton i'm a minnesota gophers fan. i sat on the bench. ed: you missed a three point contest. i will tell you all about it this morning. abby: i already know how that ended by his excitement. ed: we should not talk about it. pete: we should not talk
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about it at all. march madness. final four. best weekend of basketball can you have. ed: democrats celebrating after the president passes the spending bill. >> we're able to accomplish more in the minority than we were when we had the presidency or even were in the majority. ed: are they celebrating too soon? we will debate it. pete: former vice president joe biden backed down after saying well, he would like to fight the president in high school. pete: what he just revealed, we will bring it to you. ♪ come to my window ♪ ohh
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so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. >> when a guy ended up becoming our national leader and said i can grab a woman anywhere and she likes it they asked me if i would like to debate this gentleman i said no, i would
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take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him. ed: that was joe biden. is he walking that back. he went on twitter and talked to him really you are going to take me joe biden. it devolved into this back and forth. it was silly for a former vice president to go out there and rather than engage in an actual policy debate, it goes back to this whole we hate donald trump. so let's fight him. abby: people are saying how juvenile can would he be and how low county conversation go. sips then vice president joe biden went on a backtrack and retracting those comments. >> i shouldn't have said what i said. i shouldn't have brought it up again. i don't want to get down in the mosh pit with this guy. i did say again in high school. i never ever at any time said i like to personally physically et cetera. pete: to be clear i don't think joe biden has been in a mor mosh pit.
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he does have time. he's not just the former vice president. he is some believe the front run tore potentially challenge president trump in 2020. and there is a double standard here. i mean, ultimately he can make these comments, the so-called mainstream media, left wing media gives him a pass. is he basically saying i would like to fight the president of the united states, which most, if you said that about barack obama, if i said that about barack obama, it would be headline news. unfortunately. ed: can you take him? pete: do we want to do that. abby: we want to go there? ed: we have had a lot of competition lately. hasn't gone well. pete: we haven't fought yet. abby: it is interesting though going back to joe biden. ed: he is like never mind. abby: he does seem to care about his image. maybe running in 2020. obviously he realized taking on or talking about taking on the president in high school, whatever that was that he is el embarrassed by that trying to walk it back.
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think about uncle joe. he likes to be more of the statesman guy not a guy who wants to get in the mosh pit with president trump. ed: talking about special election in pennsylvania all they do is attack me in these ads and republicans like making her the boogie woman. it's always personal never focusing on policy. this is nancy pelosi saying all they do is make it personal? all she does is donald trump, donald trump, attacking him. maxine waters want toism peach him. joe biden fell into that trap. known as uncle joe. he has softer demeanor. engage him on tax cuts. instead i'm going to take him out back and beat him up. pete: is he trying to gain street credit with the base. uncle joe stateman got it. known for gaffes and candid speak. in this sense he is saying i'm channeling all of you who kind of want to fight this president, maybe physically or met forkly. i would have taken him out
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back kid from small town america who used to scrap. trying to channel the little guy. reach out to the resisters. abby: is this what 2020 is going to look like? pete: you haven't seen 2020 yet. abby: how juvenile can we get? pete: have you turned on cnn? abby: i have been watching home network. ed: and fox? abby: and fox. pete: let us know about the biden trump faceoff abby: who would begin in that battle? ed: still ahead. remember of the illegal immigrant who boasted in court about wanting to kill more law enforcement officers. well, his wife will few be joining him behind bars for a very long time. pete: we have missed abby since she has been away from the curvey couch. ed: there we go. pete: next, we are taking a look back at all the moments that she may have missed and
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you may have missed. ed: look how happy ed is in that moment. ♪ god, your momma and me ♪ unconditionally ♪
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pete: welcome back. a 69-year-old virginia beach man arrested for threatening local congressman. wallace good win, that's him, told the staff of republican representative scott taylor he would, quote: get my shotgun and do something about this. he looks sane. godwin apparently upset over
3:24 am
marijuana laws. and on a second story. an nfl anthem protester indicted over injuring a paraplegic woman. michael bennet is accused of rushing onto the field after last year's super bowl in houston when his brother's team won. i understand that enthusiasm. police say he pushed though the 66-year-old who was working security, causing her to sprain her shoulder, bennett could, for this incident, spend up to 10 years in prison. ed: wait, they had a 66-year-old doing security? abby: those are really both depressing stories. peta pete i foe. that's why they made me read them. ed: we missed abby so much, she has been away from the curvey couch. pete: we sure have. we know you were watching at home when you could, you were. but we wanted to give you a little look back at some of the moments. you havyou have you have been b. you may have missed a few of these moments. take a look. abby: last minute of this show until a new baby comes into this world. i will be back soon and by
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the way you will be in good hands. we have great women on the couch. pete: abby huntsman out on maternity leave. lisa k. williams. >> this is going to be a great show. >> cannot compete with pete's dance moves. >> whenever ed henry speaks hold one up. fact or fiction. >> it's like america comes to us. >> where is everyone from? [talking at the same time] ed: i thought so. >> will you marry me? >> yes. >> all right. >> she said yes. >> i love you guys. i will see you soon. don't pull her hair, patrick. i'm seeing that. >> i'm momming out. >> look who is here. abby is back in the studio for the first time since becoming a mom. she brought baby isabel. >> she wanted to tell you, rachel, you are doing a fantastic job. >> so nice. she loves watching you. >> first words are probably
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going to be fox news alert. >> federal government might be shut down but can you never shut down "fox & friends." >> i woke up this morning and i'm going to get yesterday to go in. i will flip on "fox & friends" and see what's going on in the world. i realize it's too early. ♪ >> we are going surfing later. >> pete hegseth from minnesota. pete: "fox & friends" like we get to have a house party in your house. national have fun at work day. and also national umbrella day. >> a little too early in the day for everything. >> national chocolate cake day. national bacon day. >> it's the super bowl, guys, so i'm eating. do you know what i'm going to do?
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go work out after the show. eat a little bit less than the food segment or maybe not. griff: we have sent pete out there to match him. pete: i'm dying. i'm planking from here. what three-point shooting contest me or ed? >> i'm going with ed. yes, yes. pete: yes, sir. >> oh my goodness. sorry, the better man won. >> i just have one word reaction. >> we have a dunk tank and we will decide which one of these guy goes in. [laughter] ed: more "fox & friends" coming up. we will dry him off. >> a lot of people miss her and want her back. i'm excited to see how much that little baby has grown. i will be tuning in and will miss you guys. abby: this is what happens when i leave you have a full on party every day.
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ed: raining the whole time. basketball, dunk tanks. rachel did a great job. abby: shout out to rachel she did a great job. pete: i'm tired of two things, so much winning in america. abby: look at ed's face. pete: losing to ed henry and adam clots. abby: you lost a pushup contest to adam clots. pete: i get. he is very good shape and light. he pops himself up. ed hit a lucky shot and america voted for ed. abby: can i say what i did last sunday? i watched the dunk three times on slow mo i have never seen you more joyful. ed: i was so happy. abby: when you got up from the dunk tank did you hair swoosh like back street boys. pete: i deny that. abby: watch what pete does when he comes out. ed: i want to see that. abby: look at that you got to look good.
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it's tv. abby: i cannot wait to get back. pete: so glad you are back for pointing out wonderful things. abby: thank you, rachel and all those women who filled in. ed: you and your growing family so happy four. welcome back. abby: thank you, guys. ed: democrats celebrating after the president signed that spending bill. >> we are able to accomplish more in the minority than we were when we had the presidency or even were in the majority. ed: are they rubbing it in a little too much? we will debate it next. abby: john bolton is expected to make massive shakeups at the when he arrives. this is what the president promised the american people? dan bongino is here to weigh in. stick with us. ♪ we're not going to take it ♪ it's time for the 'sleep number spring clearance event'
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>> we are going to washington d.c. and we are
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going to drain the swamp. >> let's swamp them. when we win tomorrow, we are going to drain the swamp. pete: the president said that again and again in the campaign. now that he has made it to washington, not quite working out that way all the time. pete: it's tough. the swamp is deep and thick. we are going to bring in dan bongino, former nypd officer, former secret service agent and host of the dan bongino show. first of all, dan, your take, listen, he has been fighting the swamp. the swamp delivers him a budget. he wants to veto it he doesn't. he is supporting the military. what's your take? >> you know, pete, listen. i was disappointed yesterday. i support this president. i think he has done some tremendous things, the tax cuts, the move towards deregulation, and cutting government red tape. those has been really tremendous moves especially for a first year presidency. we have to be candid. yesterday was a disaster. there was a golden opportunity at that press conference to take that
3:35 am
bill, walk up to that podium, pete and throw it up in the air and say you are all fired. i'm vetoing this damn thing and you better get back to the drawing board it would have been an epic move that would have just -- the grassroots would have went wild with elation. you know, he signed it, which you know, i hope he is true to his word though and he says this is the last time he does something like this. pete: his achilles heel is the dod, is the military, is the troops. he wants them funded and have you got to understand that as well. >> no, of course. listen, obviously we need to rebuild our military. we were shuttering. our equipment is falling apart. i get it, i understand that. i understand his loyalty to our war fighters, pete. but, you know, we are going bankrupts. and a military is not going to matter if we have no money in the future. this is the most predictable financial crisis in human history one more thing i don't mean to drone on on
3:36 am
this. shame on congress and the senate, too. let's not just put the blame on trump here. he was put in a box by them. what about paul ryan and mitch mcconnell and others? can they not do simple math? guys, there's no money. there is no money left. stop spending money we don't have. there's none left. it's pathetic. abby: i think you speak for some americans today frustrated with the process. from us straighted with the spending. it is out of control there is a lot that is being shaken up right now in the administration. big news this week. john bolton coming. in mcmaster is out of. taking over the nsc. what do you think is going to happen there? there are reports that he is really going to shake that up. maybe bring in new people. kick some people out. >> first let me say god bless you and welcome back. your baby is beautiful. i saw the pictures on tv. god bless you. we missed you. listen, one thing about donald trump we all know, and what i have heard from a lot of people who know him and friends of mine who obviously still work there, he prizes loyalty over
3:37 am
anything else. everything. and the thing about donald trump and his national security council sill as we have seen from the leaks, there are people who are loyal to one thing. they are loyal to themselves. they are loyal to the swamp and strangely they are loyal to the press that will screw them over in a minute. now, he brings in john bolton and john bolton has some establishment ties. no one questions his loyalty. he's going to go in there. it's going to be a house cleaning and it's exactly what donald trump needs to right this ship. ed: dan bongino we knew he was smart and fiery. we didn't know he had a heart reaching out to abby and the baby here. pete: we know dan has a heart. abby: he has two daughters at home. >> 6:30 on a saturday morning. abby: a woman heading to prison for the next 50 years. da nell roy convicted of helping her husband. seeking the death penalty for mexican illegal
3:38 am
immigrant louis barac after kilo officers. even laughing about it in court. [bleep] abby: police saying monroe who is a u.s. citizen moved her husband's assault rifle before and after those murders. and attorney general jeff sessions speaking candidly about his current relationship with the president in a local radio interview on birmingham, alabama's he had this to say about president trump's critical tweets about him. >> you know, i serve at his pleasure. that's just his style. i mean, he says what's on his mind at the time. i understand that. abby: that's certainly true. sessions went on to say that the most important thing is that the president allows the department of justice to contribute to an agenda that he believes. in also this, the call of duty leaving marine's girlfriend without a prom date. so his 2-year-old brother stepped in. skyler fontaine posing for
3:39 am
pictures with little cody mike before her senior dance in new orleans. the sweet gesture for her boyfriend who is at military training on the east coast for the next six months. the toddler making a quick costume change. look at that into a little mini tuxedo. that is so cute. pete: he could have worn either. looking good. abby: rick, i haven't been able to see you, rick reichmuth. i haven't been able to give you a hug yet. rick: that will happen in a second. welcome back. i hate you let yourself go so much while you were gone. abby: are those sheep? rick: no. we have a goat out here. ellen rattner is back. you have been coming here for years. >> i have. rick: with your goats. how are you? >> say hello. rick: hello. goats for the old goat. tell us about the organization you raise a lot of money. >> we raise a lot of money. we have given out over 14,000 goats. only animal group that gives people a photograph of their animal and the recipient so
3:40 am
you know where your money is going. rick: it's africa. goes to family. >> south sudan. >> i have been out there four times and we actually do take the pictures with the goats. we have gone to schools. we have driven 400 goats one time. we went next year malnutrition was gone. you could tell because the head rare was no more. rick: the reason you give a goat to a family tell us about that. >> 1.5 liters of milk comes from each goat for each family. >> only give out lady goats so they don't get eaten. rick: if people want to donate to this to help? >> we also have beautiful schwarzenegger ski crystal hearts like the kind i am wearing. and they are great gift for mother's day. we also have a great -- goats have a great gift for passover or easter. these are great gifts as well. and they are very inexpensive. they come in three sizes. ed: he had. rick: it's amazing. you provide nutrition for
3:41 am
family. >> it is unbelievable. we have kids now going to college after coming back from south sudan. the goats are the integral part of it give kids nutrition they just don't have. >> trained 8 -- process of training eight physicians through saint gorgeous middlmedical school giving assistance in grenada so they can learn to be doctors. rick: always great to have you. this little guy what's his name? >> i don't know her name. rick: let's vote for her name. we will give her a name. she is ready to go back to sleep. thank you very much. for the old goat. abby: rick, i think she has had too much coffee it sound like. pete: maybe america gets to name her this morning. pete: give the goat a name. i like what america likes.
3:42 am
ed: i'm going with swamp, swampy. pete: little mitch, sorry. keep going. massive crowds expected to march for their lives today with the parkland students. will their focus on gun control do anything to make schools safer, that's next. ed: alan dershowitz, texas come mike conway and sean spicer all live here coming up on a special welcome back abby edition. at least you don't have to worry about homeowners insurance. call geico. geico... helps with... homeowners insurance? been doing it for years. i'm calling geico right now. good idea!
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3:46 am
pete: that's a lot of people. next guest says although the students are well-intentioned the movement will do little to make schools safer. abby: a senior fellow and the director of the culture of alarmist project at the independent women's forum. great to have you here, julie a big day for people paths that the about gun laws and changing so many mass shootings. you said this is not going to make a difference in the end though. >> vast majority of kids coming out for this march are well-intentioned. they want to feel safe and no one disagrees with that everyone agrees that kids should be safe in their schools. and everyone wants to do something. but we really need to think about what that thing is. we need to use logic and look at data, avoid emotion. that is the way to make bad policy. so, again, i think that these marchers are well-intentioned, i just don't think that it will result in anything that will really keep schools safer and students safer. peter: listen you are a
3:47 am
director of a alarmism. ultimately you are saying doing something doesn't mean you are doing the right thing. in this case, what is the right thing to do and a lot of these kids while well-intentioned is probably misguided. >> you know what's frustrating to me is if you look at the lessons of parkland, the broward county sheriff's office, there were multiple reports of nikolas cruz and his brother and their deteriorating mental health. they had claims of -- there were reports of violence and access to weapons. and none of that was acted on. what frustrates me is i wish some of these kids would stay home and meet with their local sheriff's office, meet with their schools. and find out what is the protocol for the local sheriff's office when there is an active shooter? is it to stand down like they did in broward county or go in and confront the shooter? abby: you have a lookout of celebrities that are going to be out at this event. miley cyrus, demi la vod dough. the list goes on. go on their social media.
3:48 am
millions of people follow them. you have all these people showing up and to your point may not lead to much change. pete: mtv is sending bus loads of kids. networks sending kids to this. >> we know that most networks. most hollywood stars, certainly mtv has a liberal bias. i'm not at all surprised by this. but i do think that to some degree, all these marches, all this agitation, these hollywood stairs and networks pushing this leads to a little bit of protest fatigue. people get a little tired of hearing about this after a while. pete: great stuff. i remember when atf was music television. now they are busing people to protests. can i get a little more carson and little less buses? julie thank you for your time. amazing when you think about it. abby: i grew up on atv. pete: i did too. remember bevoice? is the celebration too soon?
3:49 am
abby: president going to war with special counsel mueller over the russia probe? that's what steve bannon thinks. is he right? we will hear from alan dershowitz. he is coming up next hour. beavis and but the head.
3:50 am
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>> we democrats were really happy with what we were able to accomplish. we were able to accomplish more in the minority than when we had the presidency or the majority. >> one of the reasons they rushed it through. they didn't want their republican colleagues to see just exactly what was in the bill. ed: democrats as you can see patting themselves on the back after president trump signed that budget. after slamming tax cuts for americans and looking like they might be abandoning the daca kids, should they be touting their accomplishments right now? joining us now freelance writer former press seant for senator rick santorum. good to see you, lauren. >> good morning, ed, thanks for having me. ed: it seems like the president wants base is frustrated largely because of that smile was unmistakable on chuck schumer's face. >> yeah. well you know they don't need to be gloating just yet. there is no question that the president missed an opportunity yesterday. he should have vetoed this
3:54 am
bill. and the swamp is alive and well in washington. we saw that yesterday. the republicans need to start acting like they are in control of the house and the senate. and they need to start governing like it. they should have never let a bill like this get as far as the president's desk. this looked more like a democrat bloated budget with the exception of the military spending. and the reason the president signed this is when he said for the military funding. he should have -- he missed an opportunity to veto this. however, you know, chuck schumer needs to not gloat because it was because of him and his democrat colleagues that he -- they wanted this daca -- they wanted daca recipients -- they wanted daca passed and they touted this more months. the president offered a for 1.8 daca recipients and he didn't take it he had they had president got like best a down payment on the wall
3:55 am
funding this president will fight harder and democrats will be against a wall of their own. if they don't deliver for the daca kids after making awful these promises going back to the obama days. this is going to be a real problem for democrats before this election u. >> it is going to be a problem for them because they shut down the government after just going on and on about how they wanted daca. they shut down the government over it. and president trump offered a pathway to citizenship for 1.8 million daca recipients and they didn't take it so they're going to have some explaining to do come election time over. this. ed: that may give the president leverage in the fall. in the next round of these negotiations to get more wall funding if they are really going to get daca done. we will see if he can push on that. i have got 30 seconds. what about the fact heading into the mid terms democrats are not going to erase this image of not a single one of them voted for the tax cuts. they called it crumbs. >> exactly. not a single one of them did. now have you more people
3:56 am
getting money back in their paychecks. the economy is on the rise u more jobs here and that's another thing. the republicans can possibly rebound from this horrible bill that they put on the president's desk yesterday by making these tax cuts permanent. and they need to push the democrats and put the pressure on the democrats to do just that. ed: lauren apell, thank you for coming in today. >> thanks, ed. ed: president trump announcing a controversial new policy banning most transgenders from serving in the military. we will tell you what it means. roseanne barr schooling yimi kimmel on politics and the president. >> you were a very liberal, socially liberal person in general. >> i'm still the same. y'all moved. [laughter] >> we did? >> y'all went so [bleep] far out. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire
3:57 am
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4:00 am
>> bret: president trump signed a huge budget bill to keep the government funded. >> i will never sign another bill like this again. >> this remains what it always has been, establishment vs. outsider. ruling class vest trump and his voters. >> andrew mccabe published a stunning editorial in the "the washington post" titled not in my worst nightmares did i dream that my fbi career would end this way. >> upwards of half a million people are expected to descend on washington, d.c. for the march for our lives. including survivors of the horrific shooting at marjory douglas stoneman high school. >> if we were in high school i would take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him. i shouldn't have brought it
4:01 am
up again because i don't want to get down in the mosh pit with this guy. ♪ ♪ i want something just like this ♪ ♪ i want something just like this. ed: she is back. abby: you are making it harder. showing pictures of my little girl. pete: you wanted her to come back. you called for her to be back. ed: shown up for work. where is abby? abby: i have missed you too so much. it's so fun coming back. i feel like a new person. a child you love more than yourself. pete: isabella is beautiful. abby: stunning personality. ed: jeff just texted me said she is screaming ferociously right now. ed: get home. pete: all those photographs are real. the reality of motherhood suspects not easy is it. abby: it's amazing how i haven't had her my whole life. you know, it's so
4:02 am
interesting how they come into your life i feel like i have loved you forever. ed: trying to do a work call the other day and isabel was there the whole time making all kinds of noise. she says i'm sorry. we said don't apologize. abby: she is wonderful. i'm thrilled to be back. i feel so lucky to be able to do something that i love and now go home to someone else that i love. pete: that's great. abby: good to be back. pete: maybe we will see her. if you stuck around on the show we might see a sighting. abby: can we end every show with a isabel? abby: joe is moping around a lot. jen who does our makeup here you realize whether you have a baby that your dog is just a dog. it's true when i came home from the hospital did we even feed him today. you forget. pete: i'm with you 100 percent and so is america. dogs are dogs. i don't hate dogs. i just don't think they are kids. and you now agree with me. abby: that's true. ed: dogs are dogs and the
4:03 am
swamp is the swamp. pete: the swamp is the swamp. yesterday we were rid of the because the morning the president tweeted he would veto this 1.3 trillion-dollar omnibus bill. we didn't know whether he would or not. then there was a tweet saying he would hold a press conference at 1:00. no one knew what he would do. we knew he wouldn't like all aspects of the bill would he sign it or not sign it this was the president yesterday on this big omnibus bill. listen. >> as a matter of national security, i signed this omnibus budget bill there are a lot of things i'm unhappy about in this bill. there are a lot of things we shouldn't have had in this bill but we were in a sense forced if would want to willed our military we were portioned to have. there are some things we should have in the bill. i will say to congress i'm never going to sign a bill like this again.
4:04 am
abby: is he going to keep promise. come back on his desk another time. and as you saw with this bill, you get about 24 hours to look at it it's 2200 page bill and you need the cliff notes and oftentimes didn't want to be there. ed: nancy pelosi said about obamacare we need to pass the bill so we know what's in it. republicans had a field day with it. it will be different when we. it's not different. pete, how does it feel to be thrown under the omnibus? ing. pete: if you are going to be thrown under the omnibus the reason you are doing so is to defend the military. i think that's where the president is standing here. he is saying listen, mitch mcconnell gave me a beauty as he would say. this is a beauty of a doosie of a terrible bill from the swamp. trump doesn't like it. it didn't give him what he should have had on the border wall. daca isn't included. some increases for things that have good. if you know trump's achilles
4:05 am
heel it's our service members. under obama our military was disseminated. sequestration killed it. he said i'm willing to give up a lot to get that for ships, tanks, planes. readiness. that is the overarching point still a lot of us, i think, would have loved to see him veto it. send the swamp -- abby: it's been reported that general mattis gave him a call before he came and announce he would support this bill saying -- had lunch, this is too important for our military. we need this spending. as you said there is a loft the president's base that are irate about this. they are mad about the spending. they feel like they didn't get in this bill what he had promised them. pete: the democrats are doing happy dances. ed: right. pete: chuck schumer said the area of austerity is over. i'm talking about president obama not president trump. the ear wrath a fiscally responsible g.o.p. is effectively dead. ed: paul ryan a deficit hawk. the democrats used to run ads that were unfair about
4:06 am
him pushing a little old lady off of a cliff because he wanted to cut medicare and reign in entitlement programs. let's spend spend spend. abby: someone like president trump who hasn't been in politics at all in his life and you get to washington, is he an outsider. someone who has been in business and realizing just how bad some of the processes are. ari fleischer the former white house press secretary and fox news contributor. he highlighted on this and said the president has every right to be upset. here's what he said donald trump as a businessman and outsider still sees himself as outsider even though he is president. is he frustrated. doesn't like the way the system works. his instinct told him veto it. force a confrontation and get daca done. but ultimately he went along. i think that's part of the fascination of watching donald trump when he picks his fights, how far does he go? when does he pull back? he is still very much of an outsider president.
4:07 am
pete: so right. you could watch him at that podium saying i want to veto this. i am doing it for the military. abby: shows the pull that general mattis has. he respects him. if he was to call i know you want to veto this but here is why you can't. pete: this is to the president's credit. he truly loves the military and listens to his generals even if there are tough choices there. pete: email from james yes, we conservatives are not happy with this budget, but we knew the democrats were not going to give trump everything he wanted so he got the budget for the military. pete: that's right. email from christie says trump can't win no matter what he does or doesn't do. i do believe he signed it because he wanted fund our military and felt he had no choice. we will see what happens in september. as you pointed out, ed, last hour, right before the november mid terms. very interesting moment. ed: might be more dramatic veto if he rallies his base by telling you i told you i'm not going to do it again. go get me the border wall with defense spending.
4:08 am
there is no reason why they can't do both. democrats wanted to leave out the border wall. pete: speaking of the swamp we will not talk about it now. we will talk about it later in the hour. the president also made a pick in john bolton who is someone who has been an outsider but an insider who is more akin to his policy on national security. so a lot o conservatives happy m the iran deal to north korea to china to russia. abby: very outspoken how he feels about that. now reports he might shake things up. ed: might fire some of the leakers. abby: i have other headlines i want to bring you this morning. speaking of president trump, a new policy overnight banning most transgender americans from serving in our military. the white house releasing a memo saying this, quote: transgender individuals who may require substantial medical treatment including medications and surgery are disqualified from military service. however, the pentagon will make exceptions including for those who served under the obama administration. also this: an officer shot several times by an extremist gunman during a supermarket siege died
4:09 am
overnight. lieutenant colonel hailed a hero for swapping himself exchange for a hostage inside a southern france grocery store. isis claiming responsibility for an attack that killed four people and wounding 15 others. police shooting and killing that 16-year-old attacker from morocco after he held supermarket shoppers cammive for several hours. authorities now questioning a woman closely linked to the gunman. we will keep an eye on that story. also, a list celebrities throwing their support behind today's nationwide rallies. big names like miley cyrus, demi lovato performing at the nation's capitol and marching from student survivors from marjory douglas stoneman high school. meanwhile though president trump taking stepping to ban bump stocks, announcing the justice department will issue the ruling banning to ban all weapons that turn lethal weapons into machine guns. coming up at 7:30, griff jenkins will be live at the march they are expecting
4:10 am
500,000 people. pete: i take my gun guidance from miley cyrus. abby: kicking into gear this weekend as the elite 8 is now set. >> he just threw it down. abby: top seed kansas rolling pass clemson 80-76. villanova handing fifth seed 90-78. 2 seed duke holding off syracuse 68-65. texas tech beating purdue. by the end of the weekend just four teams will remain. pete: i thought purdue would survive that syracuse 2-3 defense can foil a lot of people. i'm not sad to see them go. abby: your team got out days ago. ed: kentucky got out tuesday. roseanne barr is out there this week. it's interesting. because she is someone who has battled with president trump before. but she was almost standing
4:11 am
up for him and saying enough is enough when she went on with jimmy kimmel. he was trying to push her and go after her and she said, hang on a second. some of you have guys have just gone way too far with the presidential hate. watch. >> weren't you a food friend of hillary clinton. >> yes i was. i had disagreement with her foreign policy. >> how about captain wacko running the country. you a were a very liberal socialist person in general. >> i'm still the same, y'all moved. >> we did. >> you all went so [bleep] out you lost everybody. a lot of us, you know, no matter who we voted for, we don't want to see our president fail. [applause] >> right. >> yeah? ed: leave it to roseanne barr. abby: regardless of what your politics are, shouldn't everyone hopes the president succeeds. ed: they are not. day in and day out. pete: i'm a liberal, but you
4:12 am
guys have gone so far that way that you left the planet and jimmy kimmel actually conceded that point and said you are right we probably are the defense of this president are coming from interesting quarters or her or who is the guy on hbo bill maher. speaking truth about how the lunancy of the left how obsessed they where hating trump. if you actually pulled back from that you realize it's based on hysteria not on a whole lot of facts. abby: your audience is against you. the host thinks differently than do you and she stuck to her point. wow, she has a strong opinion and a lot of people agree with her. what do you think? do you agree with the roseanne barr that the left has gone too far. we should want the country to succeed. can restaurants ban crying kids? one mom says that is exactly what happened to her. pete: i hope not. i'm never going to restaurants again. ed: should go to war with robert mueller.
4:13 am
we will ask alan dershowitz who has been all over this investigation from the beginning. he is on next. pete: former police officer visits his son's school and shocked by what he didn't see in the classroom. that cop here live coming up. listen. >> where are they going to look to do the pledge of allegiance because there's no flag. this is stage i of brainwashing our young people prudential asked these couples: how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges.
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broccabbage! beans! get your vegetables without a side of gas. the activated charcoal in charcocaps adsorbs gas for fast gas relief, without passing the gas. charcocaps. put less boom in the room. >> >> new fallout tonight in the russia investigation. >> russia, russians,. >> russia. >> russian. >> russia. >> russian. >> russia. >> russian. >> russia. >> russian. >> russia. >> russian. >> russia.
4:17 am
>> russian. >> russia. pete: the best piece of sound i have ever seen. and incapsule late abby you were gone the last four months right there. the media in russia meltdown mode even after the house intelligence committee finds no collusion between russia and the trump administration. abby: is it a danger to the rule of law. ed: joining us life is alan dershowitz harvard law professor emeritus and author of the new book the case against bds boycotts of israel. good to see you, professor. i wonder what you think of the media and still in general what the focus is on. with the exit of john dowd, resigning this week from the president's legal team, what does that signal to you about where -- what the strategy from the white house is? >> i think the strategy is to prepare for war but to try to make peace to. try to have good cop, bad cop. the good cops negotiating with the special counsel, trying to get an interview
4:18 am
context where the president can have limits on what is asked about but ready to fight the war if they lose the negotiation. but i hope they are preparing for something else. i think the president greatest vulnerability is not right now the russia probe because there seems to be nothing there at all. no evidence of collusion and co-collusion is not a crime. i think his greatest vulnerability are these women. because he has denied he has had any affair with any of these women. if he gets in a deposition and testifies he has had no sexual relations with these women and they testify that he has, then he can be facing a perjury trap. that's what got bill clinton. what worried me is that among the list of lawyers that they say he sought to hire was bob bennett. bob bennett was clinton's lawyer the one who got him he will impeached. bob bennett told president
4:19 am
clinton. testify about the paula jones case. testify about your sexual activities. don't worry about that. and as a result of that he was charged with perjury and impeached. i can't imagine a worse lawyer to have than the lawyer who got bill clinton impeached. apparently they offered him the job. he turned it down. that was a very, very good thing for the president. pete: professor, there are some around the president who said he should continue to go after bob mueller. steve bannon one of those believing that this give and take may be working with him on one level but going after him on another level is the way to go. listen to what steve bannon has to say. >> ty cobb and john dowd had a radical theory totally cooperate and wave executive privilege. i have said, i told the president and told everybody and i told brother dowd i think that's wrong. john dowd is a good man. more attorneys got brought in that are now -- i think president trump is going to
4:20 am
war. pete: he is going to war over will the loud be seen through. >> i think he is going to do both. play good cob, bad cop. see how a good cop works out. if not he will be ready to go to war. he has very good weapons. not only executive privilege, but i don't think can you question the president about why he pardons somebody. the president has the power to pardon. the president has the power to direct who gets prosecuted, who doesn't get prosecuted. thomas jefferson did that. abraham lincoln did that franklin roosevelt did that when you start intruding on presidential powers, the president has some weapons to respond. also, if the special counsel goes beyond the mandate and starts investigating personal aspects of the life of the president, that has nothing to do with the russia probe. then he has some weapons there as well. again, bill clinton, the special counsel started with white water and ended with a blue dress.
4:21 am
that's what endangers the rule of law. there are no limits. ed: a lot of president's supporters this was going to get out of control. abby: you always help put it in proper perspective. pete: thanks allen, appreciate it.
4:22 am
mom? dad? hi! i had a very minor fender bender tonight in an unreasonably narrow fast food drive thru lane. but what a powerful life lesson. and don't worry i have everything handled. i already spoke to our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. which is so smart on your guy's part. like fact that they'll just... forgive you... four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it.
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you know what's not awesome? gig-speed internet. when only certain people can get it. let's fix that.
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let's give this guy gig- really? and these kids, and these guys, him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. ed: good morning again, news by the numbers. first 175 million bucks. that's how much taxpayers will likely be shelling out for the obama presidential library in chicago. the building is privately funded but the city says buy money is needed to improve infrastructure surrounding the building. next, $10,000 that's how much united airlines gave a passenger in travel credit after kicking them off a flight that was full. united asked the woman to sign for a $2,000 voucher to say she left voluntarily.
4:25 am
she refused and was able to bargain the voucher for more. that's a big bargain. finally, $6,000 worth of food. that's how much goya donated to troop 410 after watching our live coverage of the saint paddy's polar bear plunge in new york. thanks for contributing. the group raising $5,000 all proceeds go towards the north port food pantry. todd had a lot of fun out there, abby. abby: that is so great. pete: i can't believe that todd actually jumped in the lake. abby: he is probably still cold. ed: he is. abby: a former police officer shocked by what he didn't see when visiting his son's classroom. >> i'm looking around the class because they are preparing the kids for the pledge of allegiance. i'm looking where are they going to look to do the pledge of allegiance because there's no flag. there's no flag anywhere. this is stage i of brainwashing our young
4:26 am
people to desensitize them to american values. pete: that father and former tucson police officer brandon tatum joins us now. brandon, thank you very much. you speak truth a lot online and you have a lot of followers. and in this one really struck a cord with a lot of people. you entered your son's classroom. they are saying the pledge but there is no flag. what has come of it sense and what do you make of it. >> initially i was shocked and frustrated. since then i have called the school. i have had a really, really good conversation with his teacher. she stated to me that there was reasons behind not having the flag, not that she was anti-flag but that i think the flag was too big and she couldn't coordinate putting it in the room properly. so me and her had a really good conversation and i appreciate her response. i told her, look, i will buy the flag and i will send it to you so you can have a
4:27 am
flag in your class and she accepted the offer. so i'm going to buy a flag for the classroom and i will send it to her and make sure that it's presented in the classroom. abby: just a reminder though of the influence that teachers have in our students' lives. not everyone would have the reaction that you had, brandon, when they didn't see an american flag. and you were so upset about this. you could see the passion when you speak. where does it come from and what does the glag mean to you. >> the flag means everything. the reason i'm able to come on tv, the reason i'm able to exist and the reason my son is at a school as diverse as it is because of the men and women who sacrifice. i think it's up to the parents to hold these schools accountable and make sure that -- not just complain about it. if you have a complaint, address it with the school and then make sure that you take care of your responsibility making sure those things happen and i think that's what i did and i think that's what all parents should do. abby: sounds like they listened and said you are right about this. pete: that's true. small flags true can you put up if the flags are too big.
4:28 am
here is my implication. in some schools they don't say the pledge. you are talking about the flag. at least they say the pledge. at love parents assume their school has a flag and says the pledge but they don't. what does it say about our schools and culture that we pulled these things back and don't prioritize them anymore? >> that's what i was concerned about. you know, some parents are walking around, i guess they are zombies to the fact. but for me, i'm active. i want to know, we need to have these appropriate things administered in our young people so they are not being brain washed to being desensitized to the flag and what that means to this country. i think people should be alerted at. i did. i want to make sure that they are doing the right things and that's why i addressed it and i made the video out of concern. i was always open to them giving me an explanation. they did that. i'm satisfied with it i will go from there. abby: what reaction did you get from that video. some people watched it many people felt the same way you did. >> yeah. i mean, most people understand and they were disgusted by the mere
4:29 am
absence of a flag in an american school. but i think a lot of people were open. i had a few people in the comments section tell me like hey, we will put some money together. let's put a flag together. we can even make a custom flag and let's send it to the school to see where they go. now the teacher has confirmed she will accept the flag that i september to her. and that's exactly what i'm going to do. pete: two other classrooms that you went to also didn't have it will they have a flag? you raise a larger cultural critique that we live in a country right now where flags are not automatic. the pledge is not automatic. what does that say of our kids. you say it's parenting. you are absolutely right. check your kid's classroom are they following through and have the courage or conviction to standing up for that teacher or that principle. brandon tatum, you are speaking for a lot of people on this morning. thank you for your time. abby: thank you, brandon. >> you are welcome. pete: mccabe firing back in a brand new editorial in the "the washington post." abby: cardinal timothy dollan why democrat are
4:30 am
slamming the door on catholics. pete: abby is back to work and ready to go. bringing a game this morning. what type of tech will make the transition easier? kurt the cyberguy and ed. ed is doing yoga or meditating. i'm not sure what he is doing. here is the gadgets for a working mom. abby: i'm not sure it's going to help me much. pete: a lot of medication there ♪ rock me momma like the wind and the rain ♪. >> when they watch the news they want someone they can trust. our job is to cut through the talking points. we will ask the tough questions because there is a lot of conventional wisdom out there that needs to be challenged. what i'm doing is making sure that whatever is developed through the day, people are fully informed from coast to coast. >> we are 24/7 news. >> we are going to be fearless. we are going to be fair whether it's 4:00 a.m. or midnight we are there.
4:31 am
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[lawn mower] [chainsaw] pete: we had a big nor'easter out here on the east coast. first day of spring i walk out in the driveway trying
4:35 am
to drive jen to go to work. i had to go around this massive tree that had fallen in the yard. you get a chainsaw and you -- there it is in a pile nicely. ed: nice job. it started kind of slow. pete: took me a few pulls. that is a friendly edit. took me multiple, multiple, multiple pulls. abby: did you change shirts. pete: no. yoyou are saying the flannel is prop. i'm saying the flannel is tuesday in my life. we took care of it. ed: like jump shot. warm up a little? pete: ed was meditating and i'm using a chainsaw. ed: alpha, beta. pete: you said it. abby: you got it done. pete: got the driveway clear. abby: looked good doing it. pete: we tried. abby, appreciate it. abby: more than half a million people will ascend on washington and across the country for a march for our lives. demonstrations to protest gun violence.
4:36 am
ed: our own griff jenkins is live in washington where the protests will take place in just a few hours. good to see you, buddy. what's it look like this morning. >> abby, first, welcome back and pete and ed good morning. there are a few hundred. this is the front of the line of the march. these folks were here very, very early. and they are freezing. pretty cold. let me take you over here and show you the stage though. this is it. teenagers are taking the center stage town notorious for marches and protests and activism. it's going to be loaded up with the stars ariana grande, miley cyrus. demi lovato. lawmakers down here as well. yesterday i went out and talked to one of the faces of the marjory douglas stoneman high school survivors david hogg and asked him what this is all about. what do you hope to accomplish? here is what he said. >> they say that they are going to implement the laws to safe children's lives. make sure they work on your half as a constituent but
4:37 am
they don't. we need to hold them accountable. >> now, not all of the survivors of the parkland massacre, guys, are going to be marching today. one individual you may have seen him before. kyle cashew. he says he is not marching and here's why. >> i don't agree with the message that they are trying to spread which is antigun and banning assault rifles. simply for that reason i won't be marching. my message for david hogg and all these people is truly look at the facts. in order to get a proper perception about this issue. you need to know all the facts and all the science. they want safer schools and gun legislation. we will find out as they come whether or not they believe this event will be a game changer. back to you. ed: david hogg protesting how he hung up with officials at the white house which hasn't gone over well. we will see how all the turnout is today.
4:38 am
abby: griff will be on that all day. thank you, griff. former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe speaking out on a column in the "the washington post" about a firing. the headline reading not in my worst nightmares did i dream my fbi career would end this way. and in it he writes i did not knowingly mislead or lie to investigators. at worse, i was not clear to my responses. because of what was going on around me may well have been confuseconfuse ant distracted ad for that i take full responsibility. sessions fired mccabe last friday indicating he leaked information to the press and misleading investigators that story will continue on i'm sure. brand new op-ed timothy dollan democrats have abandoned catholics. last year democratic national committee chairman tom perez insisted pro-life candidates have no place in the modern democratic party. the party now seems a pup tent. the needs of the poor and middle class children and catholic schools right to life have been rejected by
4:39 am
what he calls the party of his youth. also, this an arizona restaurant is getting some heat on social media for banning crying kids. a customer complaining on facebook she was kicked out because sushi sen. the woman saying a whose test ushered her family out before pointing to a sign if your child starts to cry or makes a loud noise, we may ask you to bring your child outside until he or she has settled down. the restaurant owner denies it, saying that they would never refuse to serve anyone, not even crying babies. pete: you know, restaurants have their own prerogative. you can'you can have your own policies. rick, what do you think? crying baby? do you stay or go? rick: this is a tough one. i think you have to go. the baby can't control its crying. abby: it's true. parents ought to be thoughtful. they know it's a romantic place for couples. keep your crying baby at home. i say that as a new mom. rick: interesting. it's in my home state i'm surprised to see that it
4:40 am
doesn't seem like something that will be happening there i will ask my parents and see what they think. abby: how does it feel? rick: not that bad. time of year where you refuse to wear a coat. it's a little chilly. take a look at the whether maps. -- weather maps. not that bad across the southeast. we have a storm that's diving in across parts of the northern plains and that's going to dive down across parts of the ohio valley and tennessee valley and rain and snow that's going. my maps refuse to move again for me guys. so i will tell you we do have some snow. we have winter storm warnings stretching from parts of iowa down throughout areas of the carolinas. and then get ready behind this storm. we watch cold air that settles in across parts of the southeast. temps are only going to be into the 40's across much of atlanta and northern parts of florida for a lot of this coming week. all right, guys, send it back to you inside. ed: we know abby enjoyed her time off from us but also her time with baby isabel. now that she is back to work what kind of tech will make
4:41 am
the transition easier? pete: of course. let's bring in kurt the cyberguy he has working mom gadgets. >> pete and ed, they wanted me to do a little work for you abby. welcome back. abby: first day i have been away from her. i need all the help can i get. >> parent goes off to work mom or dad and at work what's going to help out in your life? take a look. artificial intelligence camera called light house. what this will do is you leave it at home. as your kids grow up and if they say don't come home from school at the right time and you are at work, it will let you know. and also if someone might come home with your daughter later that you didn't expect it, will say huh, stranger in the house and let you know. you can also talk to it and ask the camera what happened that day. did the dog go out at a certain time. pete: it knows, interesting. >> it understands. it's artificial intelligence. >> round and round the world. threthrough and through. when it seems impossible.
4:42 am
love you more, i do. >> and she does this. is a hallmark recordable story book so when you are at work you can leave this for isabel and she can hear your voice inside of this. and i know. abby: great idea. >> you don't just have to speak. you can also sing some of them. can you do whatever you want. about 25 bucks. pete: did i one of those for my son gunner when i was in afghanistan. >> awesome idea. and brand new just came out a nest video doorbell. this is called the hello video doorbell. this is just one more doorbell on the market. does exactly what you think it does. can you check in and see who is coming and going from your door when you are away. jump to this really cool frame. there is some of your. >> that's my grandma huntsman her birthday today. a big shoutout to my grandma. >> you can have your family send photos. send photos to your family and they show up on the frame. this will go on your desk here at work. so mainly can you see isabel
4:43 am
and all the photos that you enjoyed there. abby: i love that. >> and then we leave you. ed: we saw you wearing that. >> look how adorable she is. abby at times in the balance of being back at work. you are going to wants to chill for a second. you are doing it exactly right. it goes across your forehead. it's going to talk -- the sounds will go through the bones behind your ear and it's going to help you get in a meditative state faster. instead of 10 or 15 minutes to catch up. can you do it in like three minutes. abby: i feel so calm right now. >> you look like wonder woman. abby: thanks so much, kurt. >> check out cyberguy. pete: remember when joe biden verbally threatened president trump this week. >> when f. we were in high school i would take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him. biden may be backtracking on that now. ed: shakeups keep come at the white house. former white house press
4:44 am
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♪ abby: welcome back. 10 minutes to the top of the hour. former vice president joe biden making news this week for verballably threatening president trump. he is certainly not the first democrat to do so. take a listen. >> if we were in high school i would take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him. >> i will go and take trump out tonight. >> if he ever came over and leaned on me and got in my face, that would be the last time donald trump would ever done that i promise you that. you would have to pick him up on the floor. >> putting pressure on donald trump this is where the second amendment comes in quite frankly. >> by den expressed some remorse for those comments. why does the left in this type of rhetoric is okay to begin with? here to react is fox news contributor tammy bruce.
4:48 am
always good to have you on. good to see you, tammy. >> welcome back. thrilled to see you. congratulations. abby: it's interesting when you heard these comments from joe biden and many liberals excited and happy about that the hypocrisy came to mind how upset they have been with president trump for at times stooping to that level and wanting to have fights and now that their own is doing it, they are happy and excited about it? >> they built a brand around being the antithesis of that. that's the interesting thing as well. this is the kind of toxic masculinity that they complain about. there he was at a rally against violence against women, right? and they responded in a positive way to the repercussion of more violence. but even still with all the others who are doing it as well, it's an environment where there is a glamorizing of violence. it's in a way encouraging it. it's normalizing it and, when it's normalized against the president, then, of course we're going to see an expansion of it in society in general. and i think this is why democrats and even -- i think one of the reasons why he walked it back a little
4:49 am
bit. finally on his side this is really not the way to answer a problem or with somebody with whom you just disagree, which is what many people can disagree with the president. but now we have got a framework where the answer is i want to beat him up for that. abby: just juvenile. joe biden is someone that some people respect. we followed his life in politics. and we have gone through tragedies that he has with his family. >> yes. abby: he is someone that many people respect and like and you hear comments like that and you are saying that's not really his brand. >> his brand has been also though saying a lot of weird, stupid things. we have to admit. even he has admitted it. abby: that's why he is called crazy uncle joe. >> that's it. he has fun with it to some degree. there are some gaffes with whether it was how he referred to then candidate obama in 2008, clean and articulate. reference to men who work at the 7/11s in delaware. indians and all working at the 7/11s. have you got this guy who has no filter. and that can be okay. look, he was the vice president. he now remaining in the
4:50 am
arena of cultivated the culture of the country. at least he wants to. and then so when you devolve into the encouragement for violence and whether it is the president or an exvice president saying enough is enough. especially for the hypocrisy of the left in general. abby: also makes you wonder what could happen 2020 if he walks it back. >> it will be an amusing theater but i don't think he will have much impact in 2020. abby: we will see. tammy bruce, good to see you this morning. >> thanks for having me. abby: president trump's new national security advisor set to drain the swamp at the security council. isn't that exactly what the white house has been talking about? and you have been to an american airport. you may have noticed everyone is watching cnn. will they change the channel? will it always be cnn? >> you know they pay for that ♪ and i'll write your name ♪
4:51 am
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ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx.
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4:54 am
♪ abby: all right, have you ever been in an american airport and noticed something about the tv's they are all turned to cnn, you noticed that, right? the network's presence is because they pay airports to keep them on. ed: as cnn stray as little further to the left there are a number of online petitions right now urging airports to change the channel. abby: here to discuss news producer at the daily signal kelsey harkness. great to have you on this morning. >> good morning. thanks for having me. abby: cnn you think about years ago being the place for breaking news. but it has since morphed into something that is very different. yet it's still played every airport i have been to is cnn. >> cnn actually has these exclusive contracts with many different airports and they pay up to $150,000 each
4:55 am
year in order to play exclusively their channels. so technically this is the free market at work. there is not much transparency into what depose on behind these negotiations. i think particularly under the trump administration, more and more americans are asking why am i being force fed cnn? ed: right, we will look at the numbers now and break it down. 60 airports in the united states that have this exclusive contract with cnn. 2400 plus gates. that's why you are sitting there at the airport waiting to see it. that translates into about 323 million annual viewers. so, talk us through some of these online petitions. are people simply saying look, i don't want to be force fed this anymore? >> yes. people are demanding that they change the channel they are going up and asking gate agents to change the channel. they are not allowed to. people are starting petitions and i don't think anything is going to change until americans start asking to change the channel. but the reality is cnn has taken a far left turn under
4:56 am
the trump administrationed in the first 100 days in president trump's presidency, they had 93% of their stories were negative against the president. i think americans have every right to ask why they are being forced to watch cnn and demand maybe fox news show up once in a while. abby: at least give people some options, right instead of just one network. it's a very i have had for a long time so i'm glad you came on to help break this down and see how angry people continue to get. ed: people want choice and tree freedom. thank you for coming on this morning. >> thank you. ed: sean spicer, the one and only geraldo rivera, and hitch shell malkin all here all live. and an award-winning mobile app. that is more. oh, there's more. mobile id cards, emergency roadside service...
4:57 am
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4:58 am
4:59 am
abby: it is so good to be back. i'm a whole new person. i have a new appreciation for life. >> the president signed the omnibus bill. >> never sign a bill like this again. >> new fallout in the russia investigation. >> russia, russians.
5:00 am
>> russia. >> russia. >> so is the rush probe against president trump is a danger to the rule of law? >> if the special counsel goes beyond the mandate, then he has some weapons there as well. >> andrew mccabe has published a stunning editorial in the ne new york opiates post. not in my worst nightmares did i believe my career would end in this way. pete: policy is rally quote march for our lives. >> if we were in the gym i would have taken him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him. i shouldn't have brought it up again because i don't want to get down in the mosh pit with this guy. ♪ ♪ ♪ light up the night ♪ watch it burn down baby what i do a little sideways. ed: well, she's back. pete: we do confess that we are happy that she is back. abby: are you though? because they asked me to pick my music for today and i have been in the florida
5:01 am
georgia line kick throughout the maternity leave. i love all their songs right now. i know pete isn't the biggest fan. all morning long just to drive him crazy. pete: that would be true to form. you get whatever you want. you are back. abby: just for today. pete: baby isabella absolutely beautiful. we hope to see her soon. you are glowing and happy and that's wonderful to see. great to have you back. abby: i feel very happy. my little girl very stubborn developing quite a personality. ed: i heard her on the phone. abby: we were talking the other day. pete: journalist code for yelling. abby: i missed a lot of news and i jumped back on the couch and yet again another big news day and omnibus bill that the president was threatening to veto yesterday morning via his twitter account. had lunch with general mattis and it's been reported that they talked about the importance of our military and importance of giving more spending where it's needed for our troops. he came out and he had this to say.
5:02 am
>> a matter of national security i have signed this omnibus budget bill. there are a lot of things that i'm unhappy about in this bill. there are a lot of things that we shouldn't have had in this bill but we were, in a sense, forced if we want to build our military, we were forced to have. there are some things that we should have in the bill. but i say to congress i will never sign another bill like this again. i'm not going to do it again. pete: that was a conflicted man standing at the podium who part of him wanted to veto it. the other part of him is listening to general mattis and others and he is a true believer that after 8 years of decimation under sequestration of president obama, it's his duty to rebuild this military this budget does that is he committed to that. at the same time, mitch mcconnell handed him a swamp budget. this is a doosie from congressional staffers and establishment types giving away the farm to democrats
5:03 am
in order to and he extracted funding for our military. ed: you place the president as a victim here. he said he something going to change, this didn't he. >> he absolutely tried. i think he wanted to veto. this his achilles heel, ed is for our military and troops. he was elected to rebuild it if you are going to rebuild it you have to pay for it democrats said every dollar for dod means i want a dollar for this pet project, the nih. the other frustration is wall fund something not included in this bill significantly. do you know what is in there? pay increases for staffers in the senate and the house. good for them. they really needed that i really felt bad about their compensation on capitol hill. they have gotten so much great work done. i mean, members -- folks that supported this president realize that he was -- i has been not hood winked but sold bailiff goods by a lot of the people that don't support him. forced to sign this for the sake of the military. i don't think it will happen. abby: do you think who might be more upset than pete? is rush limbaugh. have you seen him upset?
5:04 am
ed: i have seen it. abby: calling out congress like you are a budget to be anti-trump and anti-trump voter. here is rush limbaugh. >> it was patently obvious to me that this budget is designed to separate trump voters from trump. this budget is designed to make trump voters think that trump's presidency is irrelevant. this budget is designed to make trump voters conclude, you know what? there isn't going to be a wall and there isn't going to be anything serious on immigration and so having trump be president is meaningless. this remain what it always has been, establishment vs. outsider. ruling class vs. trump and his voters. pete: ed, you have been there in d.c. does this surprise you? ed: no. because the process is broken. where i'm pushing back is you have got rush limbaugh doing what you are doing framing this as the president of the united states is a victim. he couldn't do anything about it, when in fact, yes, mission accomplished. the president did a good thing by trying to rebuild our military and that's in the deal.
5:05 am
but he didn't get -- he got like a small down payment on wall funding that is fencing. sanctuary city funding that he said he was going to end. there is all kinds of domestic. the e.p.a. is getting more money. even though the president said i'm cutting all of that. abby: what would have happened if the president went forward and said i'm vetoing this. i'm going with my base. too much spending. $221 trillion in debt. let's say he did that. pete: beautiful exploding heads in washington. he is saying did i this once for the military, for the troops. i'm not going to do it again. that's what he said from the podium. abby: he is going to have to follow through on that by the way. pete: couple months before midterm election. know showdown. ed: congress tried to get it right. he should veto it then and try to change this finally. abby: they can't even read it as i said earlier about 24 hours like cliff notes you need for the thing almost 2,000 pages long. ed: how much fun did the republicans have when nancy pelosi said we need to pass the bill so we can find out
5:06 am
what's in it pete had a field day. now pete gets this 2200 page bill that has all of this swamp funding a pete, how does it feel to be thrown under the omnibus? [laughter] pete: well said, well stated i will be thrown under the omnibus any time if it benefits our troops and the military. that's where his mind set is he also tweeted when he thought about vetoing it that the democrats were never serious about daca and he didn't get his wall funding. democrats hate the wall more than they love daca. they really do. abby: they gave it a little money. they at least acknowledge that it exists. pete: it did increase funding for border agents. ed: not a big beautiful wall a little wall. pete: a white picked fence. you emailed us in channeling me a little bit. i kind of wish trump had vetoed the bill. trump had to give away a lot to increase military spending. now we have to listen to schumer gloating about it. abby: as a trump supporter, i believe the president
5:07 am
knows much more about the condition of military therefore i trust his judgment to sign this bill. a lot of what you were saying, pete. ed: carol emails we need the few conservatives in congress to throw out the republican swamp leaders. i think that's what a lot of our viewers are going to be thinking. trump supporters paul ryan and mitch mcconnell promised it will be different under their leadership and it's not different. pete: is the republican party a party of fiscal responsibility? how can they say that today? they literally can no. the freedom caucus is the last quarter and a few senators, republican senators last corridor of fiscal responsibility. i don't want put that on this president the bill writers and legislators sweethearting this deal and working with chuck and nancy to get it passed and then you get a turd burger. a. abby: general mac master is out at nsc. john bolton taking that job. expected to make some
5:08 am
massive shakeups at the nsc. something the president has been talking about for a while. john bolton has been on this show a number of times. made it very clear how hawkish he is on many of the foreign policy issues when it comes to north korea and middle east and comes to russia. it will be very interesting to see who he puts in place underneath him. ed: right. we can talk about the policy but we have to talk about the personnel. when you talk about a shakeup. it's not just about him changing the approach on foreign policy from mcmaster seen as much more establishment. obviously bolton is anything about establishment and very hawkish. i think the personnel piece of this is people are frustrated with the leaks. and they were coming from that national security council. and h.r. mcmaster was at least accused of leaking, whether he did or not we don't know. and they insist at the white house that's not why he was pushed out. but think about the timing. "the washington post," everyone had been saying for weeks, months, h.r. mcmaster might be leaving, no, maybe, yes. "the washington post" breaks that story about the president's call with putin. it's believed it leaked from the nsc and all of a sudden mcmaster is gone within 24,
5:09 am
48 hours. pete: same publication says john bolton's extremism could lead the country to catastrophe, predictable. that's what they say about president trump. and john bolton mirrors the views of president trump much more than h.r. mac master ever did. do you know what this is right here? this is the iran deal right here under john bolton. abby: certainly seems more likely. pete: look at iran and north korea and russia and china, they are much more. and you know these areas well. much more on notice today that the policy of trump is going to be implemented because john bolton mirrors a lot of those instincts. i think your enemies have to believe you will wage war. abby: take away how president trump has handled calling putin all that the policy that the administration has put forward, arming ukrainians, putting far more sanctions than even the obama administration. if you say actions speak a lot louder than words, then have you got to put that in place. pete: bolton has been a fierce critic of putin as well. ed: he might be more on the same page with the president on the iran deal.
5:10 am
i would say not so much on north korea. the president says he wants to sit down with kim jong un. john bolton has been on fox saying the opposite. he would rather marital strike. that's not the same page, buddy. pete: absolutely it is. edited is not. pete: have you cabinet that says we are ready to take you down. then when you are signature at that table your adversary says maybe i do want to ink this deal because i think you actually will follow through with military action. that is a psychological warfare. ed: bolton is saying don't do the diplomacy. pete: obviously is he going to be at the table. whether you have good night that you think might fight you at the table you might sign a deal. abby: i think you two are saying similar things because they can come from different places and be sort of meaning the same thing. ed: we needed abby to bring us together. abby: it's true. i realized about trump the longer he is in that role is he more comfortable in the decisions he wants to make and firing people. he has seen john bolton all over fox talking about his positions on things this is the person i want next to me. i may not agree with him on
5:11 am
every single thing. i feel comfortable with guiding me on issues. pete: i don't want someone in h.r. mcmaster who thinks is he saving the country from me. i want someone who is enabling me to do what i think is best for this country. that's where i think john bolton is different than h.r. mcmaster. great combat veteran done a lot for the country. abby: leaks is still the biggest story. we have other headlines i want to bring you this morning. annual officer shot several times by an extremist gunman during a supermarket siege died overnight. lieutenant colonel arnaud belltrum being hailed a hero for exchanging himself for a hostage inside grocery store. police killing and shuting the attacker from morocco after he held supermarket shoppers hostage for hours. a woman closely linked to that gunman is being held. demonstrators in sacramento show nothing science of
5:12 am
calming down after second night of protesting the death of unarmed black man. 200 people confronting police officers and blocking drivers in traffic. some even becoming violent by breaking the window of a car. the chaos sparked by the release of this body cam footage showing the deadly shooting. those officers thought 122-year-old stephan clark was armed. he was actually carrying a cell phone. president trump new policy overnight banning most transgender americans from serving in our military. the white house releasing a memo saying this quote traps gender individual who may require substantial medical treatment including medications and surgery are disqualified from military service. however, the pentagon will make exceptions, including for those who served under the obama administration. those are some of your headlines this morning. pete: the house intel committee voting to release republican led russia report saying to the public again there is no collusion, there was none. back in the campaign between the trump team and russia. texas congressman mike conway was right in the middle you have that he is the top republican who led
5:13 am
the investigation. he joins us next with the preview of what we'll see in the final. pete: while abby was gone, it was just confirmed no collusion we already knew that anna marie couldn't be his girlfriend's prom date so his 2-year-old brother, how cool is this, took his place. the heart warming story coming up. you may be at increased risk for pneumococcal pneumonia,
5:14 am
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plus first shipping. at a comfort inn with a glow taround them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at" who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at ed: the house intel panel voting this week to release the report on the russia probe showing again no collusion between the trump camp and russia. among the other findings obama's former intel clapper
5:17 am
mislead about his contacts with the media. republican of texas is the top republican leading the probe. good to see you again, congressman. good morning. >> good morning, ed, thanks for having me on. >> tell me what we will find out. we know already that the report will say no collusion. no collusion. what about this idea of james clamp anjames clapper ands contacts with the media was he leaking. >> we found in to evidence of collusion there may be evidence or may be something come up in the future but so far with everything we have done, 73 witnesses, 300,000 documents we have looked at, we found no evidence of collusion. mr. clapper said, told us that would stop the leaks and did he leak. ed: did he mislead congress? this is a serious issue. people are frustrated that a lot of these obama officials have simply not been held accountable. >> that's right. and we're not that branch of
5:18 am
the government. if we conclude that we were lied to. then that will be a criminal referral to the justice department and the justice department will take it up. house of representatives doesn't have those kind of authorities. we can't charge anybody with anything. all we can say is this is the evidence we have and we will take steps from there. but that is one of our findings. ed: i'm glad a moment ago you clarified specifically you have found no evidence of collusion. which suggests -- >> -- that's right. ed: suggests there is no collusion. you are leaving the door open and want to be fair about it and see at least there is no evidence now. on the other side, adam schiff keeps saying let's have this investigation roll on basically forever. watch. >> our work will go on nonts. we will be submitting minority views. obtaining additional introduce and documents and indeed that work has never stopped. we are very pleased that witnesses have decided to continue to cooperate with our committee even if the majority will not be
5:19 am
participating rather sad chapter in our committee's history. ed: congressman, obviously the democrats have every write to give their side of the story. the idea that the minority of the committee says the investigation is not over. we're just going to keep looking for collusion they want their views to put forward. they have until midnight sunday night to submit their views for inclusion into the report that we release into the intelligence community for declassification. looking forward to that. we have asked them all along if you have evidence that you have not shared with us, that leads you to your conclusion, that there is collusion, then you should have been sharing that with us all along. if you haven't, then i'm not a lawyer that looks like you are obstructing our investigation. i don't think they have other evidence. as a matter of practice, the oversight role that the intelligence committee performs will go forward no matter what. we will continue to watch putin. we will continue to watch things happening around us, and if anything comes up that leads us to a different conclusion on our side, we
5:20 am
certainly will look at that information to take a look at it. but, we have been able to find no evidence of collusion. it's time to move on. bigger part of this report though ed is what the american people should be looking at with respect to the 18 primaries and 18 election and certainly 2020 election. i don't believe that putin is going to stand down. i believe he will continue his malign influence campaign in america. you and i as voters are the last line of defense how we are being affected by the campaign putin might be putting forward. we have things to recommend that folks need to take. ed: headline is no evidence of collusion but we need to be vigilant in 2018 and 2020 campaigns. we appreciate your time today. >> that's right. i think he is practicing in '18 and somebody else in 2020. ed: thanks for coming in with the info. >> good to be with you. ed: seven u.s. service members made the ultimate sacrifice when they were killed in a crash in iraq. the tunnels to towers which we spotted has been helping two of the hero's families. you can help too.
5:21 am
we will tell you how next.
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
♪ pete: this is a story we have been following on "fox & friends" all week. seven u.s. service members lost their lives when their helicopter went down in iraq near the syrian border on march 15th. among the victims christopher raguso, a 13-year fdny vet on last tour of duty as national guard flight engineer and technical sergeant deshon briggs. both served in afghanistan and leave behind weis and young children. abby: in order to hope help those grieving families tunnels to towers pledge to help pay off their mortgages. we have update on that
5:25 am
effort. from the tunnels to towers foundation tiller and john turner family friend who also served in the military with deshon. i'm so sorry for your loss. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. abby: heart breaking what continues to happen to so many men and women in our military: give us the update. what are you working on right now. >> well, we are at $460,000 raise you had. the goal is 700,000. pay off both their mortgages. i think it's very important for measures to remember that when our service members go over and leave their families behind, something happens to them, that we make a contract with america with these great service members that we are going to take care of their families. with your help and help of so many people we are 460,000. we need 24,000. we would like to do it today and tomorrow so we could give them the good news. because they have enough to worry about. abby: we have loyal viewers. pete: very much. so. abby: we will have all the information on our website u tunnel to
5:26 am
pete: of course it's tunnel to john, you lost your friend, a great american. he left behind a wife and two kids. and this effort is to pay a mortgage. you can't bring him back, a mortgage is just one thing. who was he? explain who he was and what this means to you. >> deshon was a special friend to many people besides myself. he was a father. he was a hard working. he wanted to do everything right. he wanted to do everything right for his family. he loved them so much the tum to towers is so important. i just spoke to his wife yesterday. she was so emotional. this is such a great opportunity for the family not to have to worry about the raising her children she
5:27 am
doesn't have to worry working several jobs. it's important that she can spend time with her children. and that's the great opportunity this organization is doing for them i is providing those comforts while it doesn't replace deshon it can try to continue forward. and as much as they can. abby: you were readings about deshon and telling us about him. sounds like family was everything to him. couldn't wait to get married to have kids. we often forget the role our family plays in military. mom, dad, wives and kids. you know this because you are part of the military family. >> my brother on 9/11 when he gave up his life left five beautiful children behind. a beautiful wife. and everyone gathered together. everybody came together and lifted our family and took care of them. in so many ways took care of us u this is what we want to do today. john was good friends. his family was sean's
5:28 am
family. the kids played with each other. 1-year-old and 3-year-old deshon had. christopher raguso, a 5-year-old and a 6-year-old. and it's incredible that the sacrifice that the families make. so once again, i think it our responsibility to make sure as americans that we take care of those who protect us. pete: they sacrifice time and time again. the families but also these are guys who serve in the fdny and go over in iraq and serve in another country to bring security to our country back here. you were in security as well. that's part of the reason you got to know deshon. what did servicemen to him and is he looking down right now at his family. what is he saying to this effort to give back to his family? >> the most important thing about this, da shawn is that he wanted to do everything right. he worked so hard to provide for his family. he wanted to be an example to his family. he wanted to be an example to his community. and to the rescue community in which he worked with we are a very close knit
5:29 am
community. and he wanted to be an example of excellence for his family. and i think it's important to take a moment to recognize, you know, his children. and being in his shoes i would want to say how much he loves them that's the whole point of this to say i love you. as much come over we can't replace him. that's the struggle that the family. abby: what a great reminder those kids will have. please give our best to his wife rebecca. thinking about those families. john, frank, thank you for being here and helping to these families. pete: some causes you can give to in the world. donate by going to tunnel 2 and this money is going to pay mortgages. 100 percent to pay mortgages so they can have a better life given the sacrifice of those men. thank you very much for being here.
5:30 am
we appreciate it. abby: gentlemen, thank you so much. the media melting down over the recent shakeup at the white house. >> we're going to need another wall soon. we actually figured out a way to make this one slightly larger. abby: are the shakeups a good thing? we will ask former white house press secretary sean spicer. spicy is back. pete: spicy is back. the border wall debate has focused on the southern border. arizona may need another wall to separate it from california. we'll explain ahead. ♪ tonigh♪ >> there is just so much barking. the noise and yelling. our role is to take three steps back and discern what really matters. >> the most important thing that we do, we are looking out for the forgotten men and women in this country. >> they are going to get a straight shooter, no holds barred. i'm not going to cut people slack. the viewers expect that. >> fox is the one place which defends people's.
5:31 am
>> who controls my voice? nobody.
5:32 am
5:33 am
5:34 am
>> a matter of national security. i have signed this omnibus budget bill. as much opposition to the military as we have had from the democrats, and it has been tremendous, i try to explain to them the military is for republicans and
5:35 am
democrats. our military is very depleted. but it's rapidly getting better. and in a short period of time it will be stronger than it has ever been. pete: that was president trump yesterday at 1:00 at a press conference as he signed the omnibus bill. we will bring in sean spicer former white house press secretary to respond to that you and all of us were watching the president yesterday. he looked like a man conflicted obviously supporting our military but not happy what was in this 1.3 trillion-dollar bill. sean, bring us inside his decision here. >> speaking of conflicted i want to welcome back abby. i'm not sure if she is more conflicted leaving her baby or the need for you two to have her back. got to be tough for her. as much as that young child you really needed her back. abby: sean, good to have you on. always good to have you on on first day back.
5:36 am
ed: punches thrown immediately. to get to the heart of the question i think the president clearly looked conflicted and he made that known he would never sign another bill like that. the military needs the increases that he is getting both in terms of personnel, the raise that military uniformed personnel will get as far as the hardware that he talked about. the different fighting systems that have been decompleted and the navy in need of additional ships and long-term planning. so this money is well, well needed. the president was also right. this shouldn't be a republican or democratic issue. the democrats sort of held increases in the military and the national defense hostage to get other spending on domestic issues that they feel are important, as opposed to saying we should all agree ton national defense. one of the things that i don't think every viewer probably appreciates because the fact the production don't have a 60 vote majority in the senate, the democrats have a lot of sway in the each of these must past bills. that's why the president was very right in calling for the end of the filibuster. because if we just had a
5:37 am
majority in the senate, 50-plus ones getting these things done and funding the priorities the president wants for his agenda. >> what do you like better the funding for planned parenthood or the funding for sanctuary cities? >> that's like abby having to choose between you and pete. ed: the point is a lot of people are making not to be a victim. he hasn't changed the swamp, has he? >> i think he made it clear. set the tone yesterday. we were facing a government shut down. he had a deal in the end at the end of the day sometimes you may not like every deal but on net balance you get more of what you want or less. he fought very hard for the military for the increase that the men and women would get. the raise as well as the long-term increase in hardware spending for certain weapon systems that are crucial to our national defense. so, on balance, i think he clearly realized that it was
5:38 am
a better deal. but he also realizes that this is not going to go on any further and he sent a clear message to congress that issues that aren't in our country's best interest won't be funded. he asked for a line item veto. i think that should go through the process and done in a constitutional way. he is absolutely right. if congress wants to fight hard for them they can. they shouldn't be sneaking things in to a 2,000 page bill that nobody has read. i agree wholeheartedly with the comments the president made yesterday. at some point have you got it do what have you got to do. have you got to draw a line in the sand. as our allies have seen around the world. i wouldn't test this president. abby: giving people a few hours to read what's in that over 2,000 page bill. i want to get your thoughts on another shakeup that happened in the white house this week. general mcmaster is out. john bolton is now taking over at the nsc. your thoughts on how his role may change things there and is he going to bring people in and take people out? what's going on? >> look, i think since day one have you seen a process. this president came in as a
5:39 am
disrupter. is he going to continue to do that. and he will continue to bring in people that i think understand how to implement the strategy that he wants. one of the mistakes that a think a lot of people in the media and pundits have made is try to figure out every person and what -- where their views are. at the end of the day, this is less about individuals' views than their understanding of what the president wants to implement and their belief in how to implement that. this is more of a relationship that the president is trying to establish with key staff to make sure that they understand hits strategy and that they have the tools to implement it. that's it plain and simple. not about whether or not they agree whole party heartedly about every position he takes. goodness knows you arener going to find thearn. continue to be church because that's who he is. is he a disrupter. he is not a politician that's had a cadre of people in his pocket waiting to come into government. and is he going to find that secret sauce over and over again in each of these areas of people that are willing to come in and further his
5:40 am
agenda and his policy initiatives to make the country better. abby: sean a little birdie tell us you look formal and bottom down is going to the gym. >> that may or may not be true. i may be sitting in my front yard. but that's not important right now. pete: any uniform you are ready to bring your a game so we appreciate that. >> i appreciate that pete. abby: thank you, sean. great to see you this morning. good luck at the gym. >> have a great weekend. abby: turning now to other headlines we want to bring you this morning. remember this disgraceful illegal immigrant laughing in court killing two california sheriff deputies. abby: closing argument set for monday. his wife is headed to prison for 50 years in helping for n. that horrific rampage.
5:41 am
citizen from my home state of utah moved his rifle to each stolen vehicle before and after those murders. horrible. one school's response to school's shootings isn't armed not guns but rocks. placing five gallon buckets full of stones in each classroom for easy access for teachers and their students. >> i just had the idea of river stone, they are the right size for hand. can you throw them very hard and they will create or cause pain which can distract. pete: this is a real. abby: rocks. one part of the district's security plan. however, the superintendent says slingshots are still banned rocks are okay but slingshots not okay. abby: causal duty without a prom date 2-year-old brother of course of course had to step in. skylar fontaine posing for pictures with little clay before the new orleans dance. the toddler making a quick
5:42 am
costume change into a tuxedo. a sweet gesture for boy friend at military training for east coast for six months. i would rather have a 2-year-old anyway. abby: how cute is that? punxsutawney phil going from famous to most wanted. >> hey, they're chasing him. come on, make it fun. [laughter] abby: the monroe county sheriff's office in pennsylvania now issuing this warrant for his arrest on charges of deception and lying. the handlers of the ground hog last month said punxsutawney phil called for six more weeks of winter after his shadow. his six weeks they are up. ed: i like that idea. let's sue him. abby: what do you think, rick? rick. ed: i knew you would defend him, rick? rick: it's a groundhog. pete: litigation nation. we litigate everything. rick: that's a fair point. it's been about six weeks from then what he called for. it's still not up.
5:43 am
better than us. here are your temps waking up this morning. not that bad down across the south southeast, one storm diving here little stripe here. winter storm warnings, this is the storm rain to the south side. iowa maybe to 10 inches of snow. maybe 3 to 4 inches down here across to the south. then gone out across the west. new storm moving in this time pacific northwest more rain and snow. all right, guys, back to you. abby: all i heard was more rain and more snow. happy spring, everybody. ed: if spring doesn't get here we're coming for you rick. pete: we are going for the groundhog. abby: and his shadow. pete: thanks, rick. appreciate it the border wall debate has focused on the southern border. arizona congresswoman martha mcsally says her state may need another wall to separate it from california.
5:44 am
she joins us live next to explain. abby: look forward to that geraldo rivera, michelle malkin and neil cavuto all here live. still got a huge show. don't go anywhere. ed: welcome back abby edition. ♪ this morning ♪ prevagen. the name to remember.
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used to be me, before urinozinc with the ingredients in the special formula that can help you with your problem day and night, and supports a healthy, normal prostate. urinozinc, the number one prostate health brand. ♪ pete: welcome back. the border wall debate has focused on the southern border. does the state of arizona need another wall on the california border. california sanctuary policy so dangerous that neighboring states should keep a close eye on who is crossing the state line a lot of zooming there. sorry about that. candidate for u.s. senate martha mac sally. veteran air force fighter pilot joins me now. congresswoman thanks for being here. appreciate it running for the u.s. senate. it's a bit tongue in cheek. you are making a larger point about what happens, what the result is of sanctuary city policies. >> of course. i was at the white house
5:48 am
this week talking with the president about sanctuary cities. i talked about maybe we need to build a border wall between california and arizona. the left has gone historical as usual. seems like they can't take a joke. the issue is very serious that look, these dangerous policies out of california where they are choosing to let violent criminal aliens to be released from jail and not notify federal authorities and be released back into the community, they are not just impacting california communities. this has the opportunity to impact safety and security across the whole country. that's the whole point. their defiance of federal laws are dangerous for all of us. pete: we live in a union where you can cross state lines for any reason at any time. lawlessness in one state effects the lawlessness in another. you are saying we can be as strict as we want to be in arizona, if criminals are allowed, ms-13 and others to provide haven in california that's going to trickle into arizona. >> exactly. and not just arizona. i mean we are seeing that in ms-13 gang members. you see it with the opioid crisis. you cannot have just one state who chooses to be
5:49 am
lawless like california is. and it's great to see that cities like los alamitos not going to put up policies putting public at risk in their communities. rest of the country is impacted. we are right next door. absolutely we need to start looking west and california needs to line up and if their citizens don't like it, come to arizona and switch your voting to republican: pete: arizona and texas have benefited from california policy for a long time. talked about met fork call wall between your two states. what about the actual wall and the budget that was passed that has some sprinkled funding fence little wall. what do you make of the budget that was passed and signed by the president. >> let me just say we went to the mat to fight for military you and i served together. they have been readiness crisis because of the atrophying of the obama administration. we had to stop the bleeding and give us the resources we needed to keep us safe.
5:50 am
that's what this is about. there is a bunch of other stinky stuff in that just like the president who signed it into law i had to hold my nose and vote for it laser focused on the truth. when it comes to border security though, there is 1.57 billion in there that's going to provide up to a little over 90 miles of barriers for the border wall system. funding next six months. down payment is actually more than what was in the president's budget request which was 74 miles. it also has technology. airborne assets, more money for troops on the ground. i represent a border community and i hope to be representing a border state in the senate in a little while and we got to make sure we secure our borders. this was a good down payment. it's unfortunate that the democrats are playing politics with it and we didn't get more. but this is about our troops. pete: a budget passed for six months. know showdown in september and likely you will be in a showdown in november. lots to show downs to come. martha mac sally. >> mcsally for
5:51 am
love to have everybody join me. pete: appreciate it fired deputy fbi director eadged mccabe fired back in editorial. what he had to say. abby is back on the curvey couch. we will treat her to a brunch right now before your eyes. ers at a comfort inn with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at" who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at "...there's only one catch..." car of your choice." "...this is the last car you're ever going to get in your life..." " would baby that car..."" "...well, you don't just get one car in your life..." " get one mind and one body..." "and, it's what you do today that determines how
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♪ ♪ pete: fittingly we are celebrating abby's return with food of course. ed: pete, it's my return, not yours. [laughter] here with an amazing breakfast for abby and all of us is the legendary chef david burk the executive chef, of course of both tavern 62 in new york on the east side and blt prime where i normally see him in d.c. at the trump international hotel. what do you make for our pal abby? >> we are talking about omelets, make an egg dish.
5:55 am
we have. abby is true test of a chef-true test of a cook is make an omelet. abby: depending how it's done presentation and taste. >> so many ways to make an omelet. few things for brunch. some items on both menus. put half of that in there. tomatoes and asparagus. seasonal. abby: this is called spring eggs. >> spring eggs. >> colorful, light. >> throw lobster and shrimp in here. i will put the shrimp in here. abby: pete has finished the steak. >> i'm having steak. it's good. >> you guys have candied bacon. a bunch of vegetables. you saute that. it's pretty good. abby: this is all did i on my maternity leave, i just cooked. rick: back on maternity leave. >> sometimes you whip your eggs and add milk or water
5:56 am
which softens them up. that's a good idea. then you just scramble away. abby: what else. >> we have friday chicken and waffles. cheesecake lollipops, donuts and fruit. pan cakes, a salad, kish, emy egg, baby pan cakes, another good idea for brunch. make small pan cakes and use pancake savory. abby: i get all this myself this morning. >> this is what i really made for you. abby: this is cream brule oatmeal. you had a special easter brunch. >> we do easter brunch in d.c. and tavern 62 is also featuring a brunch on the you were east side. abby: cream brule oatmeal unbelievable. >> you have a nice holiday. abby: thank you for being here. nice to see you. still ahead, geraldo rivera, michelle malkin and neil cavuto. they are all here in the next hour. you don't want to miss it. ♪ clean out of sight
5:57 am
♪ don't you know that ♪ she's some kind of wonderful ♪ she's some kind of wonderful ♪ yes, she is ♪ she is some kind of wonderful ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah ... they appear out of nowhere.
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>> abby: it so good to be back. i'm a new person and i have a whole new appreciation for life. pete: the president decided to sign the omnibus bill. >> at the end of the day sometimes you may not like it but on net balance do you get more of what you want or less? president trump: i say this to daca recipients republicans are much more on your side than the democrats who are using you for their own purposes. >> andrew mccabe has published an editorial in the washington post titled not in my worst nightmares did i dream that my fbi career would end this way. pete: massive crowds expected in washington today for the anti- gun violence rally "march for our lives."
6:01 am
>> where are they going to do a pledge of allegiance because there's no flag. this is stage one of brain washing our young people. >> look i'll buy the flag and send it to you so you can have a flag in your classroom. >> ♪ ♪ ed: we've been playing abbey's favorite music all morning in honor of her. welcome back. >> abby: i'm trying to separate myself from isabelle and this is just bringing it all. pete: ease it in a little bit. >> abby: it's so good to be back geraldo congratulations. i've missed you too. she's 25. she's thinking of working at cnn though so i don't know. i failed somewhere along the
6:02 am
line. >> abby: geraldo it's great to see you. the last four months you always do a fantastic job but let's get to the news of the day, the bill the president threatened to veto that bill that came on to his desk tweeting out about that reporting he had a lunch with general mattis saying this is too important for our bill we need this spending to continue on obviously the president cares so much about our troops and military and he ended up signing this bill. what's your reaction? geraldo: well my reaction is it was a mediocre chapter in the president's tenure. it was a bill that exactly the kind of thing that he campaigned against. it seems to, you know, water the swamp rather than drain it. you know, dick cheney said famously that ronald regan proved that deficits don't matter, you know, so if deficits don't matter then i guess there's plenty of money to go around for everybody's project, seems to me that chuck schumer got a lot of what he wantedded. >> abby: a lot of people are
6:03 am
fired up and angry and a lot of the president's base talking about the spending saying he's not fighting for the things he campaigned for the president seemed very conflicted yesterday in making that decision. geraldo: well for him to pledge for example, that i'll never ever do this again and sign an omnibus bill like this again, let's say what happens next year? i don't think there's any faith in that pledge. seems to me washington the monster the deep state is so powerful, you know, when he was threatening to veto what i hear is that every lobbyist in washington was calling their legislators saying is really true will it happen am i going to get screwed out of my money for whatever it is? pete: geraldo the president spoke about that yesterday when he announced he would sign the bill. listen to what he said. president trump: it's a matter of national security i've signed this omnibus budget bill. there are a lot of things that i'm unhappy about in this bill. there are a lot of things that we shouldn't have had in this
6:04 am
bill but we were in a sense forced if we want to build our military we were forced to have. there are some things that we should have in the bill but i say to congress, i will never sign another bill like this again. i'm not going to do it again. the democrats just fought every single inch of the way. they did not want daca in this bill. i do want the hispanic community to know and daca recipients to know that republicans are much more on your side than the democrats who are using you for their own purposes. pete: so he pointed out in his tweet as well no daca funding also very limited on the wall. he points to his support for the military is the reason to sign it get us inside his calculation on whether to sign or veto that? geraldo: well i think that the on daca specifically, pete, the president and i had a
6:05 am
conservation about that at dinner at mar-a-lago and what i was urging him to do is make it simple. okay? you mentioned the 1.5 million dreamers getting some kind of path to citizenship or normalization of their status and on the other hand getting 25 billion for the wall. i said that's a great deal. you have one of the most radical left wing congressmen in favor of 25 billion, schumer said he would do it a bunch of them. keep it simple and what happened is both sides then because they perceived that immigration will be the most volatile issue again in the midterm election it seems to me that both sides decided screw the dreamers, screw the wall, we're going to fight this out. this is a one way the republican s see they can mobilize their base. pete: but the president is willing don't the democrats hate the wall more than they love the dreamers? geraldo: i think that i love the president but to say that the president is willing and the
6:06 am
democrats are not i think is a very perochial one-sided view of it. pete: how many of them said they would actually build the wall and honestly the president said i will give you daca. geraldo: but what happened then is he threw in chain migration and then he threw in the reduction in legal immigration and then he threw in other the republicans, the right threw in other issues and the democrats then said instead of a million and a half what about their parents, grandparents and nann ies? didn't seem to me that there was sincere commitment to affect in a positive way these kid's lives and i -- >> abby: the ultimate swamp at play. throw whatever you want in there geraldo: it was just as swampy as the omnibus bill. ed: speaking of business as usual big picture democrats it seems as they've been fighting the president and attacking him on almost every issue they're not focused on the actual issues and coming up with their own agenda and instead you get comments where joe biden sort of challenges the president to the
6:07 am
school yard fight and the high school locker room and now, he of course is backpedaling. >> shouldn't have said what i said. shouldn't have brought it up again, because i don't want to get down to the mosh pit with this guy. i did say, i used again, in high school. i never ever at any time said i would like to personally physically, et cetera. ed: you know pete made a good point earlier in the show it seemed like biden with the initial comment about the fight was trying to get street credit with the left and they want to resist president trump. so now his credibility should be that he's a statesman, a retired vice president what went wrong here? geraldo: these two, you know it's ridiculous. it was funny howard stern once instigated a fight between me and stallone's brother frank and i think stern should promote the fight between donald trump and joe biden. joe biden is going to win the pre-fight trash talk and the
6:08 am
president would kick his butt. i think it probably is as you suggested he's trying to get street credit but he's 75 now, 76 now, if he ran he'd be the oldest candidate since moses. >> [laughter] geraldo: i think that like hillary clinton, i think that the former vice president should go quietly into the sunset. pete: but do you really think he will because he's atop a lot of these polls and a lot of people think he can tap into middle america because he speaks that sort of language. are they really going to go there potentially again? geraldo: i'll tell you this about joe biden and i relate to him as an almost 75 year old man myself. it's not how you feel and it's how you look and he looks okay but when you come to running for office, it's how you, it's rather you have the stamina to do it, you know, the president and i spoke to the president about this also, has amazing energy for a 71 year old guy whose 240 pounds and, you know,
6:09 am
not in the greatest shape but he bounded on the stage just like he did in pennsylvania remember what's in pennsylvania a couple weeks ago, that energy standing up there speaking. he's got and he killed hillary clinton's candidacy with his physical exuberance, you know, joe biden doesn't show that now and imagine a couple years from now, it really, you can deny time for a time but then it -- ed: what about this real fight? you had this terror incident with isis and france and had this officer step up and pay the ultimate sacrifice. >> abby: it's an incredible story of heroism with this officer swapping himself with this hostage and now unfortunately the sad news that he has died from those injuries, geraldo you hear these stories so inspiring. you wonder what was going through his mind in that moment to get that motivation and say i'm going to be in your spot and probably die because of it. geraldo: i am in awe of this man his name is arnold beltran.
6:10 am
he was a 45 year old deputy commander and they are military police and when he swapped himself out for the female hostage it brings tears to my eyes that an iraq war veteran also you should know. when he did that, for this, you know, they had a ranking military officer and was the first one who got shot and he left the cell phone there so his colleagues outside could know if the negotiations went to hell in a handbasket as soon as they heard the shot it was too late but imagine giving up yourself that way, giving up yourself to free one of the female hostages. it just is the most nobel act, you know, you were early and i was very delighted to see how you were honoring our own veterans who fell when the chopper was shot down or crashed the french since world war ii
6:11 am
have had a lame reputation when it comes to the military prowess , but they have tough as nails officers and soldiers and to see this nobility, this was something incredible and deeply touching and i would love the president to reach out to president macron and tell him how much the american people appreciate this kind of nobility , this kind of courage. >> abby: it's the ultimate heroism. geraldo: it's so touching in a cynical world to see this sincerity and absolute heroism and courage. pete: in that moment to make that decision he wasn't prepared for that when he woke up in the morning, finds himself there and makes that call. >> abby: and he probably didn't even think twice. pete: on that second thought he said i've got to do this. geraldo: that's even the special kind of courage you're absolutely right. >> abby: geraldo thanks for reminding us and highlighting that man. good to see you i do want to bring you quick headlines
6:12 am
demonstrators in sacramento showing no signs of calming down protesting the death of an unarmed blackman, nearly 200 people confronting police officers and becoming violent by breaking the window of a car and the chaos sparked by the release of this body cam video showing the deadly shooting and those officers thought the 22 year old was armed and he was actually just carrying a cell phone. also, as president trump announcing a new policy overnight banning more transgender americans from serving in our military. the white house releasing a memo saying "transgender individuals who may require substantial medical treatment including medicine and surgery are disqualified from military service, however the pentagon will make exceptions including those who served under the obama administration. " and of course it is march madness kicking into high gear as the elite 8 is now set, holding off syracuse to top seeded villanova handling fifth seeded west virginia 90-78 and another one over a five with kansas beating clemson 80-76 and
6:13 am
three seed texas tech beating number 2 purdue 78-65 and of course, by the end of the weekend, just four teams are going to remain. i love march madness. ed: that's why they call it the final four i guess? >> abby: i guess so. ed: great at math. in less than an hour massive crowds will be marching for their lives with the parkland students so what can we expect from the anti-gun protest a live report from washington next. pete: and another california city may soon sanctuary no more. michelle is fired up about sanctuary cities and here to weigh in on that and other topics coming up. (siren wailing)
6:14 am
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6:16 am
ed: in less than an hour more than half a million people are expected to descend on washington and all across the country for a march for our
6:17 am
lives rallies. abby: the goal to protest gun violence, griff jenkins is live for us all day in d.c. where the rally is about to begin. they're expecting what griff 500,000 people possibly? griff: 500,000, abbey and it's starting to live en up here. if you look over here they're doing a sound check that's the stage where they will be in the front for the first time we've seen students being led in we believe some maybe parkland students and that area reserved for them and a lot of celebrit ies, mile it say russ, d emi lovato, as well as hamilton 's create or, and then if you look here you can see that it's not 500,000 but they're starting to fill in and they've brought their signs enough is enough. they want there's more laws, gun laws they want and it's very very interesting and we actually talked to one of the marchers that's come here from charleston , south carolina and i asked her this is all about i
6:18 am
said is this going to be a game changer and this is what joanna said. >> this is a game changer and congress needs to take a really good look because come november we are going to turn the tables on congress and elect ourselves a new congress. griff: so we'll see exactly what this produces today but their message is loud and clear and we'll hear a lot of talk from the stage but we talked earlier in this show you talked to julie gunlock, our guest in the 6:00 hour who says really washington is getting pretty fatigued with marchs and protests here is what julie gunlock says. >> i do think to some degree all these marchs and hollywood stars and networks pushing this leads to a little bit of protest fatigue. griff: and you know, ed and abbey, we have seen two things in the last 24 hours, one is the spending bill which has the
6:19 am
stricter background checks in that bill as well as the president tweeting that he has instructed attorney general jeff sessions to move to ban all gun bump stocks for guns so it'll be interesting to talk to some of these people and find out what they think about what's already being done but it's clear they want more assault rifles from the people i talk to are front and center what they want banned guys? abby: and they're fired up about it busy day for you. coming up a former cop visit to his son's school and is shocked by what he did not see and we'll hear from him just ahead. >> where are they going to look to do a pledge of allegiance because there's no flag. this is stage 1 of brainwashing our young people.
6:20 am
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pete: welcome back couple quick headlines president trump temporarily excluding some countries from his new steel and aluminum tariffs. argentina australia brazil canada mexico south korea and members of the european union all exempt until may 1. the white house may extend this depending on how negotiations for a better deal move forward. and, a navy destroyer sailing near territory in the south china sea the u.s. military confirming that it conducted a freedom operation about 12 miles from a disputed island claimed by china. while the u.s. says the mission was in accordance with international law chinese military officials who are increasingly aggressive are calling move a threat to its security. abby: keep a close eye on that so legends and lives is back on the fox news channel and this time our brian kilmeade is
6:24 am
hosting the show and the subject is about the civil war. take a look. >> one section of this country believes to be right and the other believes it to be wrong. that's where the fight is here. we must act of faith, not near. >> fire! >> [explosion going off] >> fire! pete: wow that's must see tv the battle of fort sumpter is what many think is the beginning of the civil war but actually it starts much earlier than that. our next guest is featured as one of the historians in season three. ed: he's also a museum curator at the museum of african history in chicago harry jones joins us now. good morning harry. >> good morning. ed: so what do you think stands out in the opening of this new season?
6:25 am
>> well, in 1820, thomas jefferson said he was awakened by a fire bell in the night at the missouri compromise. he was concerned that the tensions over slavery in this country would lead to a civil war. in 1854, you get really the flames starting in this fire so if jefferson was still alive he would be awakened by this fire and kansas produces john brown and when he invades western virginia, it's virginia he's invading the south, the fire has started, so we can call john brown's raid the accelerant that starts the civil war that fire. abby: and you have been on this series legends & lives for all of them the third one i imagine is your favorite because the civil war is your expertise, so let's show people just a small clip. >> if you surrender now, the lives will be spared.
6:26 am
>> it is to be an unconditional surrender. >> there shall be no surrender. >> we have but one life to live and one to die, but if we lose our lives, it will perhaps do more for our cause than our life would in any other way. abby: it seems an important time to air this and this time in history. harry what do you hope people take from this series? >> that this war was a war that delivered us into an indivisible republic. we are one nation and this war is a war where every life lost was an american life. it is a very bloody war and we paid a very heavy price to be where we are as one nation and when we tell this story, i hope americans really appreciate that every player is an american player, so this is our story and it is a story of patriots who have saved the union, a l barack
6:27 am
obamaished slavery and extend democracy in this country. pete: what's going to surprise people most because a lot of people have their own characterization of the civil war. what might they takeaway that they didn't expect? >> the role of americans of african descent in particular in league with the constitution, one of the reason martin delaney or fredrick douglas would not follow john brown to harper's ferry because their plan, the loyalty of their organization their plan is to end slavery in league with the constitution. john brown was really a susquehanna session it's if you will when it comes to the constitution, so what you'll come away with is that these are patriots and that americans of african descent contribute to saving union and liberating themselves but that's a very important part of our american story. ed: important message for everyone to hear we appreciate it harry jones thanks for coming in. don't forget legend & lives, the civil war hosted by our own brian kilmeade that airs sunday at 8:00 p.m. and 11 p.m. eastern
6:28 am
here on fnc beginning tomorrow night. abby: still coming up on the show can restaurants ban crying kids? one mom says that's exactly what happened to her. pete: plus parents outraged after planned parenthood is invited to a middle school fair. michelle moskin is fired up about this. i started breathing heavily as well she's here to weigh in next people would stare. psoriasis does that. it was tough getting out there on stage.
6:29 am
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today, the new new york is sparking innovation. you see it in the southern tier with companies that are developing powerful batteries
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that make everything from cell phones to rail cars more efficient. which helps improve every aspect of advanced rail technology. all with support from a highly-educated workforce and vocational job training. across new york state, we're building the new new york. to grow your business with us in new york state, visit >> abbey, greetings from embassy moscow. your mom and i just wanted to congratulate you on being fox & friends. we're really excited about that but you know in my heart i really miss little isabelle and i'll bet we could probably find a couple if you want to bring her over here some time but mostly sorry to say that we don't get the program on network television over here but i know mom can pull it up from time to
6:33 am
time on her little iphone, right mom? >> exactly we look forward to that abbey. it's so fun to have you back on the show again with your smiling face it makes our weekends much brighter here in moscow and boys , please go easy on her. she's just in mommy mode the last -- >> particularly you, pete. >> last couple of months so please go easy on her and cut her a little bit of slack so thanks again for coming back to the show, abbey because we have missed you so much over here on the weekends. >> have a great time this morning folks, see you. >> love you, abbey. pete: wow. ed: super cool. abby: you guys always make me cry on this show. oh, my gosh i miss them so much. ed: so touching and that was the message they took until the end and like wow a little shot at pete that's awesome. pete: i promise we're taking good care of her she's amazing and we missed her smile as well. abby: what a great gift, our team is amazing thank you. that made my morning. ed: isabelle has a nickname? abby: belly is her nickname.
6:34 am
pete: it's hard to get abbey flustered. abby: so sweet. pete: all right you recover i'll read the headlines so turning now to your headlines the fbi working around the clock searching for a man's motive behind this fiery explosion on travis air force base 51 year old revving his car full of propane tanks, and cigarette lighters into the base's main gate in california and the india native died in the crash officer s say they aren't finding any ties to terrorism. ed: that's why we have abbey do the headlines she gets the names right. a former police officer is shock ed when he visits his sons school and finds the american flag missing from the classroom. >> where are they going to look to do the pledge of allegiance because there's no flag. this is stage 1 of brainwashing our young people. pete: well said brandon tatum joined us earlier explain ing what the flag means
6:35 am
to him. >> the flag means everything. the reason that i'm able to come on tv, the reason i'm able to exist and the reason that my son is at a school that's as diverse as it is because of the flag. pete: he spoke with his son's teacher who claims it was all a misunderstanding and has decided to buy the classroom a new flag but in doing so made a much more larger important point and an arizona restaurant is getting heat on social media for banning crying kids a customer complaining on facebook she was kicked out because sushi sen, because he one year old daughter was with her. the woman saying the hostess ushered her family out before pointing to a sign that read in part, if your child starts to cry or makes a loud noise we may ask you to bring your child outside until he or she has settled down and the restaurant owner denies it saying they would never refuse to serve anyone. and those are your headlines, read not as well as they would have been read if read by abbey. abby: i kind of enjoyed listen ing to that though, great
6:36 am
job. ed: it was a misunderstanding. pete: uh-huh. abby: let's bring in michelle ma lkin, and host of cr tv michelle always good to see you. >> great to see you too abbey i want to just give you my congratulations as well. it's great to see your facebook on the channel but i will tell you there's no more rewarding, satisfying, and challenging job that you will ever have than as matherhood and i'll tell you as a mom of a 17 year old now whose going to be graduating from high school it is an incredible journey so congrats. abby: it means the world coming from you and makes you more passionate about issues going on in this country, you're thinking about your own kids now so i understand that and i now get why you're so passionate about things you believe in and i want you to talk about one of those sanctuary cities the movement seems to be spreading huntington beach in california might follow loss lalamatos in california sanctuary city law where do you see this going what are your thoughts? >> well i think that among many
6:37 am
responsible law enforcement officials, police chiefs, and mayors of cities and counties in california that do not agree with the hijacking of that state by open border, that they have a responsibility and they realize it and they all took oaths of office to uphold the constitution and the laws of this country, and so i think in essence, the anti-sanctuary movement that we're now seeing that was spurred on by the lawsuit by the doj and the position of our president very strongly opposing the basically the abdication of responsibility by california officials i think this movement constitutes a real effort by some of these responsible leaders to make california sane again. now whether it's too late i think is the question, but remember that we're talking about three pieces of legislation that have undermined the safety of californians and by extension the rest of us.
6:38 am
the first one dealing with undermining work site enforcement, by private employer s which is outrageous. the second one dealing with detention, and the inability to share information among local and state officials with federal ice agents which as we know this channel has reported time and time again about the bloody consequences of sanctuary policies and the third one having to do with the actual release dates of so-called removeable aliens and being able to give that information to the fed's so they can pick people up before they're released and of course i have reported many times over the years about these catch and release policies that have had deadly deadly effects. pete: well said michelle well while we're on the topic of california and insanity got to get your take on this topic. parents are outraged after planned parenthood got invited to a middle school mental health fair presumably to provide information. talk to us about the mind set of a school that would say planned
6:39 am
parenthood and what they provide is welcome at a middle school. so yes this is cliffton middle school in monrovia, california and apparently the superintendent has reported to parents that they didn't know, the school district didn't know that planned parenthood was going to show up and i think that the bottom line here of course is that the lack of transparency and disclosure is an outrage and the idea of planned parenthood showing up at a science fair when they lie all the time about what they actually do within the walls of their clinics. will there also be equal time for crisis pregnancy centers to share information about for example, the science of ultrasound and what actually is happening and the development of unborn life. you've got a death lobby that is funded by federal tax dollars. you want to blame someone? how about the omnibus bill that gives $500 million to subsidize planned parent parenthood's
6:40 am
activities and title 10 grants as well and i a lot should be directed at congress as much as the local school district. ed: michelle on that point are you disappointed the president signed the omnibus when there's federal funding for planned parenthood as well as by the way the bill does not cutoff funding for sanctuary cities as promised >> that's exactly right. i'm beyond disappointed. i'm disgusted. i'm disgusted with the so-called gop leadership this falls squarely on the shoulders of paul ryan and mitch mcconnell. it is business as usual. people need to open up their eyes about how these appropriations bills and every piece of legislation that passes rammed down our throats and without any consideration of transparency and true deliberation by so-called deliberating bodies. abby: well your anger speaks for a lot of american people waking up. ed: i think we should send you to capitol hill. i wouldn't want to be in a meeting with you and speaker ryan. pete: michelle thanks for joining us. i would drain the swamp. thanks.
6:41 am
ed: with her bare hands. appreciate it. meanwhile the markets took a big hit over fears of a trade war with china. how worried should we be about all of that? we'll ask the man who knows neil cavuto is live next. pete: and we are happily to welcome abbey back. that's her family we'll catch up with her husband. baby girl isabelle, big bow, small head, beautiful baby. they're coming up, next. >> ♪ ♪
6:42 am
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6:44 am
ed: good morning again quick headlines at least one high profile celebrity is joining the delete facebook movement. elan musk removing the tesla and spacex pages which had a combined following of 5 million people the move comes as part of a larger online campaign to boycott the social media giant after 50 million users personal info was exposed to a research
6:45 am
firm and some fans of fox's tv show the simpsons are freaking out. they're saying a 2004 episode of the cartoon predicted the closing of toys "r" us. dead issues forcing toys "r" us to close every location across the country and amazon may have had something to do with that too. abby: who found that clip is what i want to know. connie the writer, kudos to you. pete: i was going to blame anonymous people spending too much time on the internet. ed: meanwhile the stage is set for the potential at least of a trade war. china now striking back at president trump's tariffs and outlining its own against 128 u.s. products worth close to $3 billion. abby: as you can imagine the markets taking a hit over fears of what happens next, but how
6:46 am
worried should we be is the question? pete: joining us nows with his insight is neil cavuto host offcast o live which airs after fox & friends this morning neil thanks for being here really appreciate it. so is the short term hit on this which is airtight for that appears worth the long term gain and how is the market going to respond to this? neil: well to your point they don't like it obviously trade wars have never been greeted favorably even though there's no war going on just yet there's a 45 day wait before this all kicks in and the president clearly hopes, pete, to your point that the chinese will respond or do something give a little ground on the steel and aluminum imports. now the fact of the matter is that they've already targeted as you said a number of u.s. products largely in the agriculture area where they think they could have the most bang for the buck and now the president has always claimed over these many many years these decades that he's they get a lot
6:47 am
from us and they really need us, a hell of a lot more than we need them so he's testing that right now and in fact test that's been rattling the market. abby: we're watching that closely you've got a big show coming up, neil, dave herrington did i say that right? neil: you did abbey and welcome back very good to see you. abby: good to see you neil. neil: but you're right i was just catching your interview with michelle. this issue is just picking up steam among cities and counties that want a sanctuary from this sanctuary law and this will not be the last case of it, probably just the latest so we'll test that movement and see how far it goes and in light of the marchs going on around the country i want you to hear from a dad someone who lost his daughter in that shooting in florida whose not part of it and has a very sound reason not to be. abby: that's quite a tease, neil neil: thank you. ed: up next we're helping
6:48 am
welcome abbey back the best way possible we'll catch up with her husband and baby girl isabelle as well. >> ♪ ♪ t year so allstate is giving us money back on our bill. well, that seems fair. we didn't use it. wish we got money back on gym memberships. get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards. switching to allstate is worth it.
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ed: well, so much has happened since abbey left for maternity leave after having beautiful baby isabelle. pete: we missed her and abbey we know you were watching at home when you could. abby: every day. pete: but we wanted to give you a little welcome back that may or may not be real or fake news at some of the moments you missed while you were gone. watch. ed: especially mine. >> until a new baby comes into this world i'll be back soon and by the way you'll be in good hands. we'll have great women on the couch. pete: abbey is out on maternity leave and rachel is here.
6:52 am
ed: this is going to be a great show. ed: cannot compete with pete's dance moves. pete: whenever ed henry speaks, hold one up. ed: i like that idea. pete: it's like america comes to us. rick: where is everyone from? >> atlanta. pete: good morning. ed: good morning. >> will you marry me? >> yes. >> all right abby: i love you guys i'll see you soon. don't pull her hair, patrick. i'm seeing that. >> [laughter] ed: look whose here abbey is back in the studio for the first time since becoming a mom and she brought baby isabelle. >> she wanted to tell you rachel you're doing such a fantastic jobs. >> her first words are going to be fox news alert. pete: the federal government might be shutdown. i woke up and i was like okay
6:53 am
i'm going to get ready to go in and like i'll flip on fox & friends and i realized it's too early. >> [laughter] >> ♪ ♪ ed: we are going surfing later. >> wow! pete hegseth from minnesota. pete: fox & friends is like we get to have a house party in your house. national have fun at workday and it's also national umbrella day. >> there's literally a day for everything. pete: national chocolate cake day, national bacon day. >> it's the super bowl guys so i'm eating. pete: do you know what i'll do go work out tomorrow after the show and eat a little bit less in the food segment, or maybe
6:54 am
not. ed: we have sent pete out there to match him. pete: ready? i'm dying, and i'm planking from here. who do you got in the three point shooting contest, me or ed >> i'm going with ed. pete: yes, sir! >> [applause] pete: sorry. ed: the better man won. >> i just have one word reaction rachel: we have the dunk tank and we'll decide which one of these guys go in. >> [applause] ed: more fox & friends coming up rachel: there's a lot of people that miss abbey and want her back. i'm excited to see how much that little baby has grown so i'll be tuning into see you guys. abby: oh, a huge thank you to rachel and so many people that filled in while i was gone. it's great to be back. you guys had a big party while i was gone. ed: yeah, pretty much. we'll have more parties with you back but we need to see the baby
6:55 am
abby: bring her out. bring her out, honey. >> right on queue. pete: that is perfect. come on in. welcome. say hi, mom. ed: she's been watching you all morning. abby: that bow is big on her head. is that normal bow to head ratio pete: big bow to small head. it's beautiful. >> it seems a little large. abby: hasn't she grown? she watched the show so many times. pete: so is so precious. ed: look at her standing up there. rick: it is amazing how much she looks like you, jeff. >> i feel bad for the poor girl. normally you say you want her to look like her mother. abby: i carried her for all 10 months. i get nothing out of it? pete: i see both of you though i really do. ed: has jeff been getting up in the middle of the night? abby: he's been fabulous and you're going to be doing the
6:56 am
weekends now. >> i didn't think about that until this morning and then they told me i had to come all the way here. pete: mr. mom. abby: she is the best though, life changing. pete: what's a little quirk she's got people might not know about? abby: other than spitting up a lot? she loves to smile and loves people. she's a happy baby and she's very very stubborn i don't know where she gets that from. ed: i wonder. abby: i think we're in for it. ed: a lot of people have asked how golden george stephanopolos doing so many of our great viewers but i think they will be best friends. pete you're a natural. pete: i kind of have some experience. abby: okay, we'll be right back. >> ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ ♪ pete: the real thing, isabelle and abbey huntsman, and her husband. abby: she's loving the attention right now and the lights. guys it's great to be back. ed: we'll be back tomorrow. come back tomorrow. neil: man it's hard to top that well forget draining the swamp president trump just helped congress pump more into it you're looking live near mar-a-lago, florida where the president is spending the weekend after signing off on a massive spending bill. he says he will never do it again, you had is the damage already done? why some investors here are worrying. for him and your stocks, and you're looking like at marchs against gun violence going on in washington and parkland in wake of last months high school shooting there. hundreds of thousands are expected to participate across the nation but a parkland dad who lost his daughter will not be one of them. why not? he's here to tell us,


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